Black Friday (US only)

Raffles, discounts… whatever.
Non US based customers… go away, we do not do such for you… irritating.

Moved to the #feedback category of the forum.

Please read also:

Hey @PeterD

We apologize if you got that impression from the email. We care about all our customers.

Many of our international Roon Dealers are extending their customers’ the Nucleus/ free DragonFly Red offer. We tried to clarify that in the offer email; please see below. We apologize for any confusion.

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Jamie, next time perhaps with a bigger font :slightly_smiling_face: (who reads the small print?)

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Good point @mikeb, the actual formatting results from the tool we use to send emails but we can certainly explore finding a workaround.

@jamie The problem is, we don’t have a “local Roon dealer”. Who would that be? I bought Roon from, never had anything to do with anybody else.

In this case I’ve been proactive and found out that Henley Audio is a (the?) main dealer for the UK. (First time ever I’ve heard of Henley Audio, btw.) But they have nothing on their website and an email I sent them yesterday has gone unanswered. So I’m afraid I agree with @PeterD that the situation is … irritating.