Black Friday Deal - free AudioQuest DragonFly with every Nucl

Why only in the USA. I am sure Roon has many members all over the world

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More important (at least to me): Why even send this and other store offers to customers based outside the USA that therefore can’t take the offer anyway?

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Yup how bizarre. So USA minded Roon is

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In case you didn’t see this:

The fine print: The Roon Store is only available in the US. This is where we are located physically and it makes it a logical place to start. Additionally, distribution contracts can be negotiated in our own backyard, where we know the terrain. Sorry non-US people, we’ll look into options for you in the future.

Distribution, also for the partner products offered in the store, is probably handled differently for other parts of the world. For products from partners it’s on them, the partners, to decide on distribution rights and terms.

Uuuuh why is this topic deleted from the forum

If you got this email and are outside the US, it is an error. Sometimes the IP based location stuff is not perfect. It happens to a small % of users, but it may feel large given the total number of Roon users that exist.

As for being US centric, it’s the Roon Store that is US-centric, mostly because we can not break distribution agreements around the world. For example, we have a deal going on with Dutch & Dutch 8c w/ a free Nucleus Plus, but we can’t offer that in Europe because we’d be stepping on the toes of other dealers/distributors that Dutch and Dutch has agreements with.

It’s not, it was moved to “feedback”, which is where you should talk to us, the company, about our practices.

You might not see it though because of several issues plaguing this forum currently. The relevant one why you probably can’t see the thread, depending how you navigate the forum, is:

the last software update we took to discourse did some stuff to slow things down considerably… im seeing post changes propagate a bit slowly and I see the little rainbow dots a bit more often than i used to.

Still got no answer why the rest of the world is excluded from this offer. This is very bizare

Stuff not getting displayed as expected or not at all has nothing to do with slowness of the forum though. :face_exhaling:

If I follow the link provided in the e-mail (Find out more) I see:


Maybe worth a try if you are interested?

PS: I doubt that you will get the same offer though.

Roon Nucleus in Europe costs almost 1900€ for the normal one. Why is it still cheaper in the USA

My ISP seems to provide quite high quality location data. Roon Server itself as well as various online geo-IP-location services I checked on have no issue to locate me outside of the US (in the middle of the european continent) correctly. Please check the internal process(es) if this e-mail wasn’t meant to go to customers outside the USA.

Roon sells it’s products and services in US$. Also, I suspect distributors add their freight cost and profit margins.

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And different countries, different taxes too.

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Got the email as well – in the UK. Not a huge deal, but I agree it’s disappointing that (a) we are informed about an offer that turns out not to be available to us and (b) similar offers are not coordinated for non-US parts of the world.

That said, I just had a chat with a guy in the Roon store (where the promotion link pointed) and he pointed me towards Henley Audio in the UK (never had a reason before to look for a “local dealer”!) and offered the opinion that while it was up to individual dealers to take part in promotions, that specific one would “probably” have an offer. I can’t see anything on their website yet, but I’ll check back tomorrow and the next few days.

Meanwhile, now I’ve read about a free Dragonfly, I kind of want one and I feel a bit left out. Just saying.

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Found this measurement Review from Audiosciencereview of the Dragonfly Cobalt.

I am surprised that the measurement results are so bad with this highly praised device.
The device measured by Amirm may have been defective because it came from a user who sent it to him.

To clarify, I thought it would be a good idea if AudioQuest sent a factory new DAC to Amirm to avoid any misunderstandings.

Best DrCWO

Replying to myself to let everybody in the UK know that the deal of the free Dragonfly with a Nucleus purchase is indeed available in the UK now. I received an email from Henley Audio advising me that this deal is available as long as stock lasts.

In a rather old-fashioned twist, you need to visit a dealer to take advantage of this deal: Where To Buy

Just passing this on. I have investigated things for my own purposes and I’m almost sure now that I’ll go for an M1 Mac instead of the Nucleus. My old setup uses a Mac and works flawlessly, with the exception that it doesn’t support latest Roon version or ARC because the Mac is ancient. The downside of this plan is that they don’t give away free Dragonflys with Macs :wink: