Blue sound not syncing

Hello i recently installed roon. I have a bluesound pulse mini 2 and a node 2. Also attached is a marantz surround sound receiver. The core is installed on a network laptop that is permanently hardwired and generally not very used. It is running on windows 10 64 bit pro. the computer is a thinkpad, 8gb ram, 2.2 ghz.

PROBLEM: the node and pulse mini when syncronized dont actually sync. the node is hard wired. They occasionally sync up but then often loose sync. sometimes the pulse disappears altogether for a while.

What suggestions do you have to facilitate the two devices actually syncing? @support

Unfortunately this is a known issue with Bluesound, appears to specifically affect the Node. A fix has been talked about by Bluesound for a year or so but has yet to materialise. Plenty of posts on the forum if you have a search.

Do you know does it getter better with a better core? Was debating setting up a Linux partition to see if improvement occurs.

Nope that wont help the issue is the Node 2.

To be clear, as Simon suggests, there is nothing whatsoever you can do to fix this at the present time.

I suggest you drop Bluesound a support request. I have about my Node 2, maybe the more of us who moan enough it might get fixed.

Perhaps the Node 2i might act as a catalyst for this, as one presumes it will not be declared Roon Ready until addressed.

I think I fixed it.
Using the bluesound app I synced my devices as one group, then deleted and added the one unit in room. I just can’t vary volume from one roon to the other with out opening the bluesound app.

That will work for Bluesound as it’s not Roon doing the sync so your good. Unfortunately not when syncing to other RAAT devices which should also sync but don’t.on Bluesound.

I used to have this problem regularly with my Bluesound devices. It has all but disappeared when I upgraded my router.

I changed my Node 2 last night to be the priority clock and used that as the controlling endpoint, it was slightly out at start but within 30 secs or so stayed in sync with my Atom. May have to experiment a bit more.

Just got this back from Bluesound support. I won’t hold my breath. That’s two things now I have outstanding on the one device that I bet don’t get sorted now the 2i is out.

Hi Simon,

Indeed, this is something we’re looking into from other reports.

Unfortunately, we have no solution for this in support - but you can try rebooting the Bluesound player and the router.

Apologies on this matter.

Indeed…it has been around for a while…I first posted about it with Bluesound about a year ago, though back then it wasn’t clear that the Node was the core issue - . There were posts on this forum for a few months before that. I think we can safely assume that it’s not high on their priority list, though it apparently remains on the agenda (

I don’t think te problem is limited to the Node. I don’t have one, only two Flexes and one Mini. But I do have a synchronisation issue. To the best of my knowledge, the core problem has not been fixed yet.

Ah, fair enough…it seemed to be a common factor, as there seemed to be some w/o a Node that are managing synchronised play, but I was making quite an assumption.

It’s really unacceptable that it got RAAT/Roon certified, at all I would have thought this is a prequisite.

Somewhere around on the forum there’s a message from either Danny or Brian explaining the context to this. IIRC, and I don’t want to misrepresent them, it basically said it was early days and consequently a QA mistake that would not be repeated.

Edit: Actually, I think I’m conflating 2 issues here, Danny’s statement about MQA support on Bluesound ( with other discussions of syncing, so my comments above are incorrect.

Yes, it’s not entirely limited to a Node2.
I had a Vault2 and PowerNode2 that synced perfectly together for two years.
After selling the Vault2, I have yet to get any Bluesound, or other Roon endpoint to sync properly with the PowerNode2.