BlueOS 3.0.0 released

(Edwin Vandevyver) #44

This is very interesting @Yiannis_Kouropalatis I could live with that!!! I have grouped the MBP within ROON with the group FLEX that I grouped in BluOS. The MBP is a macbook Pro, so not a bluesound product and everything is in sync.

(Frans Knibbe) #45

I wondered about the status of the sync bug so asked about it at Bluesound:

The answer surprised me, it seems the bug is unknown to Bluesound. Could anyone confirm or deny the existence of the sync problem? I can’t test it myself because I ran into it during a Roon trial period which has expired.


That does rather beg the question of how they plan to fix it within the next 8 weeks (…

I’ll let others with more current Bluesound gear respond here. Suffice to say that the bug has been discussed for around 18 months and was acknowledged by Bluesound staff, on their own forum, around the beginning of the year (IIRC).

(Frans Knibbe) #47

Thank you for the pointer to that thread. It would be great if the bug is solved within the next eight weeks, wether it is officially and explicitly confirmed by Bluesound or not.

(MauritsJ) #48

@dhusky, that’s indeed the response I got from Roon. I’ll keep you guys posted if anything pops up within these 8 weeks, but unsure what to expect following the feedback @Frans_Knibbe got from Bluesound…


Well, I presume that Roon are applying some encouragement as the ‘i’ products are undergoing certification…who knows, maybe this time it will actually happen?

(Yiannis Kouropalatis) #50

I just posted a question on the Bluesound forum about this. I thought it does not hurt to ask but I am not holding my breath :slight_smile:

I have not given up on Bluesound yet but I agree we should at the very least have some sort of clarity on this.
Will update if / when I hear back.

(Yiannis Kouropalatis) #51

it looks like my Bluesound post was moved and merged with the old thread. The response received is simply referring me back to the old thread (where my post was moved to).
Not exactly the clarity I was hoping for :slight_smile:


But perhaps that which was expected :wink:


Ok well my issues playing to my pair of Pulse Flex’s are back again. Going to try and isolate to grouping with my Allo digione in other room or if it’s something other than groupings. I had thought that the 3.2.6 release with RAAT update had fixed things but it has not.

(simon arnold) #54

New update out today. Anybody tried this isn’t the sync bug fix in this?

(Yiannis Kouropalatis) #55

The last BlueOS update I tested was the one from Jan 8th (3.2.10). I think this is the most recent one. The sync bug was still there unfortunately.

(Martin Kögel) #56

also here. Still experiencing drop outs of my stereo pair of pulse 2

(Chris ) #57

I have just updated my Bluesound Pulse 2 and Mini.
With the Mini I now get this signal path.

As I don’t use any tone controls in Roon or BluOS can anyone explain this a little.

It won’t render MQA via Roon, The Pulse 2 does though…

(Yiannis Kouropalatis) #59

Something positive (ish) from Bluesound:

This latest response at least indicates a Feb update.


Well, nice to see that 14 months on there’s been a little progress from blaming your network :wink: I can’t help wondering whether they would be addressing it were it not for certification of the 2i products, but hopefully they’ll now finally get it fixed for you you and others.

(Martin Kögel) #61

Thanks for sharing :+1:

(MauritsJ) #62

Hi everyone,

An update from Bluesound:

Seems like we will have a more extensive update including the sync issue fix by late March / early April.