Bluesound devices out of sync

I know this has been addressed here and there but I haven’t found a solution yet. I have two bluesound devices (node2 and Flex) that I use independently with Roon with no issues. But I cannot used them grouped. They are always out of sync, sometimes miliseconds, sometimes seconds. This is very annoying.

Is there a solution???

Thanks for your help!

Love Roon btw!

Edit: seems there is a new update

Yeah not had chance to get the optical adaptor out of the box, its now in the Attic. It seems less busy on the network port since this update so maybe its fixed it. Wil try at the weekend.

I have the same devices (Flex, which I’ve had for a while, and a new Node 2i.) I’m experiencing the same grouping/syncing problem with the two Bluesound devices. They seem to go out of sync after hitting the top panel play/pause button on one of the devices (and maybe after other events too).

My work-around: redirect the amp (or other output device) away from the Node and directly onto the Core server. In my case, that means switching my amp input from coax (fed by the Node) to USB (fed by a Mac Mini that runs the Core). I’ve been grouping the Flex this way with no apparent sync issues. The musical output is the same as what I’m trying to achieve with the Node+Flex grouping … except I lose the ability to control through the Node whenever I want grouped playback. The other work-around would be to group the Node+Flex, but just stop doing whatever triggers the out-of-sync state.

I should add:
I haven’t decided if this sync issue is reason enough to return the Node 2i. Otherwise, it’s a pretty slick device, though I’m not sure it’s worth $500 to me. It doesn’t seem to improve the SQ compared to playing directly from my Mac Mini via USB. I’m not crazy about the Bluesound control app, compared to Roon’s. I do like top-panel play/pause, volume, and tracking controls (but unlike the Flex, the Node has no preset buttons, which I love). I also like the programable IR settings (which adds physical remote control capability to Roon). But if the Node’s benefit is mostly in the area of control functions, then the sync issue is a fairly big drawback.