Bluesound Node 2 and Genelec G One For Near Field Enjoyment

I’m looking to set up a Roon environment for my office at work. This will be a near field listening setup.

I’m thinking about pairing a Bluesound Node 2 with Genelec G One speakers.

I like the idea of the Node 2 because it is very Roon friendly and the Genelec speakers are well regarded and small. I don’t have space for larger speakers – and since I will be very close to those speakers, these seem adequate.

My library will be on a USB external device connected to the Node 2 directly or to whatever I select for the Core.

Tidal connection via WiFi.

Any obvious gotchas with this arrangement?

I’m not concerned about modest/limited bass and the system will be played relatively quietly.

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I work at home and my office setup is a little different than yours -

Bluesound Node 2 --> Bel Canto DAC 3 --> Focal CMS50 speakers w/ a NAS connected via LAN to Roon Core in another part of the house, and it works great.

I expect you’ll find the same. Have fun!

I wish I had the space for the Focals.