Bluesound Node 2 & Roon

In my working room I have a Bluesound Node 2 playing as a Roon endpoint. After 15 minutes it stops playing and disappear as a audio zone.
Is this already fixed or is there fix for this problem?
SDK is 11.31 and BluOs is 2.16.14

Are you wireless or hard wired?

Hard wired.

Hello @Patrick_Kluiters,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue, I have a few questions:

  • What Core are you using?
  • What is your network setup like? Please list the model/manufacturer.
  • Is your Core on WiFi or Ethernet?
  • Do other zones display this behavior or is it just the BlueSound zone?


Hi Noris,

*The core is a Intel Nuc i5 fanless with Roon Rock.
*Modem KPN Experiabox => Tp Link TL SG108 switch => in working room a Linksys LGS105 switch => Bluesound Node 2.

  • The core is connected with Ethernet.
  • I wasn’t aware of this but in the bathroom I have a Sonos Play 1 wifi connetcted and he has the same behavior as the Bluesound zone. But I thought I was a WiFi problem. Maybe it isn’t.
  • At the main set in the living a have a Allo Digione Signature wired and there is never a problem.



Hello @Patrick_Kluiters,

Thank you for providing that information. I have a few more questions/suggestions:

  • You listed the modem but I do not see a router listed here, is the modem acting as a router?
  • Does this issue affect both local content and streaming content or just one and not the other?
  • You mentioned that this issue does not occur in the living Room, where is this endpoint connected, is it connected to the SG108 switch? If so, does temporarily connecting the Bluesound zone to the SG108 instead of the LGS105 prevent this issue from occurring?


Have you tried updating your BluOS firmware? The current version (I believe) is 3.2.10.

After a tip on the Facebook steraming audio group I disabled IPv6 in the modem/router and everything is fine now.
Also BluOs is updated to to version 3.2.10.

Maybe the IPv6 caused the stops?

Hello @Patrick_Kluiters,

Thanks for letting us know that info but it is certainly strange that disabling IPv6 resolved this issue for you.
We have seen IPv6 affect communications with Technicolor routers but this is the first report on Experiabox that i’ve seen. Please let me know if everything is still stable after a few days and I will look into adding your modem/router to our Networking Documentation.


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