Bluesound Node Audio Dropout & Static

Roon Core Machine

MacOS Vntura
Mac Mini M1 8GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

1GB Ethernet
TP Link Archer AX53 Router

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Node (N130)
Topping E50 DAC
Cambridge Audio CXA80 Int Amp

Number of Tracks in Library

100,896 Tracks

Description of Issue

Bluesound Node connected to Topping E50 DAC via USB - Severe audio dropouts and static. If connected via COAX or Optical no issues present. It appears that this is a known issue between Roon and Bluesound. Can you let me know whether a fix is coming soon for this issue? I see from other forums, Bluesound believe the issue rests with Roon. Many thanks.

Hi @Soul_Bruva,

There is indeed a known issue with using a node via USB. At this time there is no word on when a fix will be released from Bluesound.


Return the nodeā€¦get a raspberry pi4 :slight_smile:

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