Bluesound Powernode

If I buy a Bluesound Powernode do I need a wired connection between the computer (toslink or coaxial) and the Powernode? The core is installed on the Mac.

Hi there, the PowerNode is a full Roon endpoint, and ideally you will just have it plugged in over Ethernet.
For reliability you have you’re Roon core plugged in over Ethernet as well.

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So no need for any digital [audio] cables?

No just Ethernet, I assume you just have speakers to attach to the PowerNode and it will make beautiful music for you.
It’s all delivered over network from your Roon core to the PowerNode.
Once the PowerNode is on your network, you just have to enable in Settings->Audi and then pick it as and end point.

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Perfect, this is just what I’ve been looking for. I do not wanna have my MacBook in the living room where my stereo is so this will solve the problem. I have a Onkyo TX-8150 at the moment so I don’t actually know if the Powernode 2021 is a upgrade in performance but it’s at least more convenient.

It’s a great little streaming Amp, and I have been very impressed with the SQ and it’s overall performance as a stereo amplifier (upgraded from Sonos Amp and I really enjoyed that as well, buts it’s a smallish upgrade in SQ again)

I have a big old Onkyo HT amplifier running into a 7.2.1 system and I always feel like the music is better from a good 2 channel set-up. Every now and then I Play 5.1 and Atmos through the Onkyo, but for stereo I always go to the dedicated set-up.

Not sure if you currently have your MacBook running over Ethernet, but that would be my no 1 recommendation for a reliable Roon life.

What Onkyo HT model do you have and do you think the sound is better with the Powernode?
Do you have the new 2021 Powernode?

I have the PowerNode 2i, I could not buy the 2021 model in the UK for most of this year (though that is what I wanted).
It’s clearly a step up again terms of amplifier and DAC so I imagine if I get to hear that version then I sell my 2i and buy one when they are available again for purchase.

I have a TX-NR686 and yes I personally prefer the PowerNode for music. Doesn’t drive the same speaker’s, but I did put my larger floor standing Dali Oberon 5s in and even with the Sonos I preferred stereo that way.
It was just more musical and I have never played stereo music (without video) since then through this setup. To me as a HT amplifier it’s great, but I was always missing something on the music side, so I got a Sonos amplifier and was blown away and went out and bought some bigger speakers a few weeks later.

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I have a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 1 so I don’t think the Powernode 2021 should have any problems to drive those.
I think I will go for the Powernode.

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Good luck and I hope it lives up to what you are looking for. It’s a good thing if you can buy one at the moment.

It’s got enough power to drive them, so no worries.


Hi Raz, have you stopped eating unhealthy food yet?

Plenty of power to spare.

I was a bit worried about my Dali’s, but I never get above 25% volume without being told off.
There is always the sub woofer out as well, which I make use of and that integrates nicely as well.

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Haha…NO :pig: But I’ll go on a diet when I get back to our “sunny island”.

I was looking at the Powernode before I got my NAD streamer so know very well it’s a great device and has lots of good reviews. The BluOS app is also a big plus. You’re also super happy with yours.

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Got to say I was dubious, but the Sonos issues Roon introduced in 1.8 drove me crazy and this was the cheapest good quality option to my mind.

I have attached a Chromecast audio to it via the optical input (as come on it should have one built-in) and I do not use the Bluesound app besides to do updates and tweak the Sub woofer crossover. But it seems pretty good.

It’s making me seriously consider the newer NAD Roon Ready device’s for my next big amp upgrade with the SQ. I don’t want a screen just a good Amp ideally with good streaming capabilities.
We are clearly living in a new world where these devices should not sound this good.

BTW having seen what you have been eating, I suggest buying another seat for the journey back, I would certainly need to.

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The app is not shabby at all. Tone controls, sub settings, all the music services it integrates, etc.

As for NAD gear, I am super happy with my M10. Depending on how much cash you want to spare on the big boys, have a look at the gorgeous beast that is the M33.I really do like how NAD added the upgrade slots (not limited to the M33) at the back which to some extent, makes some of their gear future proof.

Haha, I am going to buy one of those seats right my the door.

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