BlueSound PowerNode2 and NAD 388 with BlueSound Card

I’m attempting to provide for a customer. They purchased an NAD C388 with the “2” NOT “2i” BluOs card and a BluSound PowerNode 2 from us about a year ago and I’m hoping to help and not send him to a forum.

The details I have are:

Purchased Roon directly from Roon and installed on his Mac.

Loves the UI.

It immediately recognized and controlled the NAD C388/w Card. It also saw the Powernode2 and appeared to work with the exception that volume shows in Roon that it is working but the Powernode does not respond to changes. (It works normally in the Blusound App.)

He gave up using Roon but was encouraged to reinvestigate after he saw me using it here. It performs properly on our demo PowerNode2 via our Nucleus.

Unfortunately, he says the NAD longer shows up as an audio player in “Settings.” The PowerNode does, but the volume is still a no go.

My inclination is to offer a courtesy house call but don’t want to open a can of worms.

I had him do a full network reboot, wait, then bring the other bits back online which he says made no difference.

Hello @Steven_Lester1,

Thanks for contacting us here, let me address a few of your questions:

I would confirm what exactly the Volume Control Method is in use for both your setup and for his and make sure that they match. This info can be found by right clicking the zone in the bottom right -> Device Setup -> Volume Control . I would make sure that it is not set to “Fixed Volume” but rather to “Device Volume” or “DSP Volume” (if you want Roon to the volume changes in the DSP engine itself).

Does it show up elsewhere as well? Is he able to use other apps to send an audio stream to it? How is the NAD connected, is it via Ethernet? If it is plugged into a switch or somewhere down the line after the router, is the behavior the same if you try connecting it to the router? Some devices also need to be set to “Roon Ready” mode, I am not certain if the NAD falls under this status, but it would be worth a double-check from the NAD WebUI.

What is his network setup like? Do you know the model/manufacturer of all his networking gear? I wonder if there could be a multicast issue somewhere along the line, and if this is not configured properly I would expect similar symptoms. Please review our Networking Best Practices for further info in this regard.

Please let me know if that helps!


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