BlueSound Pulse Flex 2i not recognized as Roon Ready

My Pulse Flex 2i was in the past recognized as Roon Ready.
After some updates the Flex 2i disappeared from the Audio List in Roon as Roon Ready.
Only Airplay will be availble.
The strangest behavior comes with a restart of the Flex. It flashes half a second as Roon Ready and disappears immediately.

I have the same effect independently if the Flex is connected by WiFi or cable.
Reboot of Roon wasn’t helpful either.

All other Bluesound components (Node 2, Node 2i, Powernode 2) do exactly what they should do. - They are available for Roon as Roon Ready. Only the Flex who works fine in the propriate Bluesound Network but not within Roon.

Any idea? Was there a change for the Roon Ready status of the Pulse Flex 2i?

There may be an update for the Flex you have not installed? This is usually the culprit when a device loses Roon Ready-ness :slight_smile:

I would suggest you check all endpoints and make sure all are on their latest firmwares.

Thanks for the advice. I always keep my components on the latest sofware. I checked through the device taht no upgrade is available. Software release is 3.18.7 being the latest one for the device (I also checked on the BS Firmware site directly).

Any further ideas?

Wolfgang I just wanted to check if you have rebooted network Router, Roon Core and endpoints.
It might seem strange but this can often fix the issues.
Try to reboot them in the order above.

I had a PowerNode and once it disappeared from Roon and that reboot fixed it.

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Michael, I just tried it in the recommended order. So it took a while. And for a few seconds the Flex 2i was available as Roon Ready. But it disappeared again from the Roon Ready Audio list.


Maybe something, some setting, changed on your Roon Core machine (hint: vSwitch active for example)?

Ok it’s a strange one, are you running Ethernet or WiFi?

I has to unplug the Ethernet cable on mine after a number of non explainable issues post a Bluesound update. Switched it to WiFi and never had another issue before taking it out 9f service a few months ago. I can’t explain it as it was a flat network that runs 1Gb at every point.

I made it.
I had to make a factory reset.
There must have been something very weird in Pulse.

Thanks to everybody supportiung me.


Great news and hopefully you can enjoy the music again now.