Bluesound Syncing Issues

@support Hi there, every time I try to establish Groupzones within my Bluesound-Devices (Node 2, Pulse, Flex) it doesn´t sync. I saw in discussions, that the problem exists for over a year or so - is there any solution now?Thanks for helping!

Last I saw it was still awaiting a bluesound fix.

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Can you sync them in Blue OS them play that group as a zone in Roon?

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Hi Chris, yes, I saw this workaround, but then I have two apps running for adjusting the volume. And I like that Roon has a finer adjustment…

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That’s never been a problem for me. I just set a value in BluOS that works and I can still adjust all in Roon.

Yes, but as far as I understand it, you can then only adjust the whole Group in Roon, but not a single player within the Group…

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That’s true, but in practice, you can set levels to a good start and, with Pulse and Flex adjust the volume on the players with the buttons. You can mute them as well. No need to use the app.
You do need the app to un group them though.

The sync bug is still pending as @ged_hickman1 mentioned above. It was initially reported over a year ago and it is still pending as far as I am aware. A number of users (myself included) asked about this on the Bluesound forum about a month ago or so. The response received at the time was that the issue would likely be fixed by early Feb. Still not fixed as far as I am aware. You can read more here:

The workaround @Chrislayeruk mentions is a good idea and worth trying as an interim solution.

The volume control is unfortunately a sacrifice one has to accept for this to work. When I tried this it worked but I would then have my Node 2i and Flex 2i randomly disappear from the network . This happened independently from Roon but i noticed that if I used the BlueOS app exclusively then it was more rare (still happened though). Despite all this, it is the only current workaround that ensures synced playback.

Yiannis, thank you for taking the time and answer in such detail, great! Now I know, that I just have to be patient. I’m still in the 14 days of trial, and for a full membership things like synchronizing are something to consider…thanks again!

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