Bluesound's Pairing Problem When Watching TV

I have a nagging issue with Bluesound that has never been solved. It’s impossible, when watching TV or movies, to use two Bluesound speakers flanking my TV. I have resigned to listening to one speaker “only” when watching TV. All TV’s have one “optical output.” I have one Pulse 2i connected via toslink cable from the speakers optical input to the TV’s optical output. When I pair the other speaker wirelessly with the first speaker in the Bluesound app I get dropouts and static when watching TV from the second speaker. My WiFi signal is strong. I’ve spent hundreds of hours trying to solve this problem. Optical splitters don’t work. WiFi extenders don’t work either. Every time I’ve contact Bluesound they do not provide a solution. They have not fixed the basic issue of watching TV and movies through more than one speaker at a time. I’m really disappointed with this aspect of Bluesound. Calling Bluesound and leaving messages and emails takes hours out of my day. There is no solution.

does the TV have bluetooth?

Yes, it does.

My understanding of what BluOS supports in grouped zones is limited. is the Toslink input generally streamable to other BluOS zones? if not, perhaps there is the problem, ie, you can’t share it to the other speaker in a L/R zone.

I wonder if the bluetooth input behaves the same way. Group the speakers in BluOS, then pair them with the TV’s Bluetooth output…?

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