BluOS upgraded but Roon will not enable my NAD T-778 as Roon-ready

Just did the BluOS upgrade but Roon will not enable my NAD T-778 as Roon-ready. The Uncertified prompt is still there and Enable button gives the “Not Certified by Roon Labs” prompt. Complete power off/on still no go.

Roon: 1.8 (build 783)
BluOS: 3.14.2

Please Roon fix this!

I am experiencing the same: upgraded T778 BluOS, Roon still identifies T778 as uncertified. I also submitted a help request to NAD. I will update as I learn more.

Same with my M33. I’m wondering if Roon has to issue a software update for the NAD products to be seen as certified.

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Hello everyone,

We just discovered an issue that may have prevented some users from getting the M33 and T 778 certification status. It should be resolved. If your Core hasn’t updated itself already, a restart of the app should get things up and running. Enjoy!



It’s confirmed working on my T778!!! I restarted the Roon app on my laptop.

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Yes finally thanks and enjoy!

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