Blusound Node 2 support

Roon has not “discovered” my Bluesound Node 2. Although the Roon site lists Bluesound as being supported, the Bluesound website does not mention it. So is my Node 2 compatible? If so how do I get it to connect?


I think the Bluesound lineup of speakers is not roon ready, yet. According to the company’s press release a new (roon ready) firmware release will be availabe later this year. That’s why there’s an asterisk on that Bluesound logo in the compatibility chart (read: coming soon)

Is Bluesound RoonReady now?

Bump. How are folks currently using the Node 2 with Roon?

According to Bluesound people on their forums, and the CES press release, their product (such as Node 2) will become RoonReady on 1/31/2017. It is coming!

But how are folks using it with Roon in this interim state?

I don’t use my Node 2 with Roon. I use it with BluOS app.

BlueOS is a good stable app. Obviously it doesn’t come with the nice looking interface it is much more functional.
It doesn’t however flicker every time i re-engage it there is no ‘Waiting for Remote Core’ any time it doesn’t need to check in with the HQ so obviously every i look at it or rather it is able to do so as a clear background process.
I note this point has been highlighted previously and am hopeful Roon 1.3 might help to address this small irritation.

I’m looking forward to Roon Readiness activation for Bluesound because of the much better search function in Roon (you literally have to scroll through albums in BlueOS or else search for a precise keyword).
Also the BluOS app takes up best part of 1Gb of space on my IPhone used as a remote in addition to the Roon app which is not far behind. Are others on the forum a bit frustrated with the amount of space these remote control apps seem to swallow? It also seems to be going up… Maybe i’m doing something wrong. Doesn’t sound like much but on top of all the other needs my iphone caters for there isn’t much capacity left.

Anyway i wanted to also note the the countdown to end of Jan applies to Bluesound too :wink: