Bob Dylan Complete Album Collection

I am trying to add The Complete Album Collection Vol1 fron Bob Dylan to roon.

I have the boxset ripped to one folder containg all 506 tracks, tags include the correct discnumbers. Tags have been added using discogs through mp3tag.

Roon cannot identifiy the boxset, although it sees the 47 discs. When trying to manually identifying roon chokes on the process. On the server machine the screen turns white (not responding) and on the client it shows 410 tracks but roon gets stuck.

I know it is a large set, can I do something else to get this indentified? Maybe re-arrange into 47 seperate folders, io. 1?

Anyone else maybe has this set already in roon succesfully?

I quickly re-arranged the boxset into 47 seperate folders, for each disc one folder. Started roon again and let it import. Again same result. I am not getting over 410 tracks. :confused:

Hey @allineedis - what’s your goal for displaying this set in Roon? Do you want a single cover, with 47 discs and single review for the whole set?

Or do you want these discs identified as their original releases? (meaning, 47 covers in the album browser)

I can imagine some of our editing screens having issues with single-album sets this big, so I’m going to look into what we can do separately, but I want to make sure I understand how you want this content displayed before I make a recommendation.

Thanks for the report Rob!

Edit: also, to be clear – this is the set you’re talking about right?

Hi Mike, actually the optimal, maybe even essential, would be both.

Yes, the set you link to is the set I am talking about.

I already have several releases of albums contained in this box set. I started to group the box set into one, so there would be less clutter in the album overview. But when you look at it now you would get 47 clickable albums, but no way of nowing what album is what (I would look at eg. Wikipedia or get the actual box to see which disc is which album, sorry have a short term memory :smile:)

Would be great to have roon display a box set as one entry, cover with all the data specific for the box set and the content of the boxset with the individual artwork and all individual data associated with it.

Maybe something like eg. The “Other versions of this album” button a “Content of this box set / collection” button. There is a similar thread “dealing with album art” that has the same remarks. Personally I would like to mimic the actual physical release as closely as possible.

Besides above, as it stands now I could only add the set as individual releases, since roon has trouble processing the set.

OK, it is a large set and for me currently the largest box set I own. But I know there are larger ones. Especially within classical music, some box sets go over 100 discs. It is just a matter of time until somone will try to add one of these sets, running into the same issue.

Ok, thanks for the clarification @allineedis – it should work in either way, but you’ll have to pick one :smile: the default behavior will be based on how you have the files stored on your drive, and what their tags look like.

For example, if Disc 2 is in its own folder, with file tags that mention album title “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” and media number as “Disc 1 of 1”, we’ll almost certainly identify it as the original release.

Alternatively, if it’s in a folder called “Disc 2” with tags that say “Complete Album Collection” " and “Disc 2 of 47” we’re likely to identify it as part of the set.

The one thing we don’t really support is a single folder with 500-odd sequentially numbered tracks, as mentioned by @jeremiah here.

We have heard some requests for greater level of detail at the disc level in multidisc sets – different cover art per disc, or disc titles. We’re considering these requests for a future release, but right now, metadata for multi-disc sets is at the album level (other than track based info like title, credits, etc).

Our editing tools can help in the case you mentioned, as you could use our track grouping feature to divide a set into the original albums, or vice versa. You could also use our Identify feature to match up albums to either the full set, or the original releases. I’m looking into how our editing tools do when the sets are as big as this – I’m guessing there may be some issues, so right now it may be more expedient to make the changes to your files based on how you want them to show up in Roon.

I’m looking into this set more specifically now, so stand by for some more specific feedback. For now, let me know if that all makes sense.

Mike, thanks for the comments. I will play around with the set-up of my files.

Just to check:

Initial arrangement was:

Bob Dylan/
The Complete Album Collection/
01 Track
02 Track …
506 Track

Roon only identifies 410 tracks, but assigns al 47 discs. Songs are also visible all 500 of them when clicking the Discs. The 410 is the number when manually identifying.

Second arrangement was:

Bob Dylan/
The Complete Album Collection [Disc 01]/
01 Track
02 Track
The Complete Album Collection [Disc 02]/
13 Track
14 Track…etc

Also same result as the previous arrangement.

The first arrangement works since I added also “The Original Mono Recordings” which is a 9 Disc set, 93 tracks and that works perfect. Only difference is the large number of tracks.

I would second this method regarding the box sets (described in the 4th post in this thread). I think the topic of box set handling has been discussed elsewere in at least one other thread. My idea is this:

Have one entry for the box set in Roon (i.e. have it show as one “album”) - clicking on it would bring up the review for that box set. Also, the item should be classified in Roon as a box set or anthology or whatever it is. On entering the box set it would then show all the individual discs/albums in that box set, with their album art, titles, year etc. Clicking on one of these would bring the user to the page for that album or part of the box set - with the relevant review/info/etc and album art there.