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I was going to post this in Tidal Is In Trouble thread with so much discussion of Google and Apple. If you are interested in those companies and their strategies (to take over the world), The Four is a must read book. Scott Galloway is a professor at NYU and very savvy on this space. He goes into a bit of the dark side of these companies and how they are intertwined into our lives and becoming moreso.

There is no “Off Topic” category in this forum, but I would love other Book Recommendations in this thread. I will post some others as separate posts. (Moved into the Music category)


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How Music Works, David Byrne (of Talking Heads fame)

A lot of insights into the world of music from an artists standpoint and a lot of stories from his personal journey. A light read.


Not sure if this is the kind of book you are looking for for this thread.

Emotion in Life & Music: A New Science
By M. Zachary Johnson
Author, Composer, Teacher

This book presents a new theory that music produces the psychological signature of emotion—a motion of the mind with a distinctive set of mathematical characteristics. This theory provides a new way of making sense of musical emotion, and a rational framework for validating it. It thus holds the promise of restoring the importance of music as a humanistic art form, and a vehicle for rewarding the good.


No rules! All books welcome!

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