Is Tidal in trouble?

I still pay for Pandora (and Apple Music and Tidal) because I find that Pandora still has the best streaming radio stations.

They do but it doesn’t sound as good as TIdal. Tidal’s radio function is terrible.

I’ve found Tidals radio to be ok and same with Apple Music but neither as good as Pandora… I Tidals to play after I have chosen an album to play and let it follow that.
I mostly use Pandora in the car and on two stereo paired Sonos One speakers in the bedroom. Sometimes at work. The paid version uses 192 aac so it’s not awful but 256k would be better.
I do really like Tidal so it would be bad to see it go. I would replace it in roon with iTunes music and flac files in my NAS and will be fine except no streaming service in Roon.

I have no idea of Tidal is ‘in trouble’ or not but they’re offering 3 free months of Tidal HiFi for new users through Groupon:

Seems like they’re trying to get their subscriber numbers up fast. Maybe to be more attractive to potential buyers?

Interestingly and ironically, this is what Jay-Z sued the original sellers about. He claims the subscriber numbers he was given were inflated.

Tidal are also doing apps for Apple TV an Android TV.

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With all the talk about Google and Apple in this thread, i recommend the book “The Four” by Scott Galloway

It would also be nice if the app would be compatible with Android Auto.

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Two things:
First, Tidal received $200 million from Sprint for 1/3 of the company.
Second, Pandora and Spotify somehow have been operating at a loss for years, I’m not sure how, but they accomplish that, but both of those services aren’t in the news as a result.

Funny thing is, when it comes to music, sharing your listening habits is actually where we all benefit from sharing this data. And Google, so far, has proven the best at recommending, creating and maintaining automagic playlists that continue to get better with use.

Pandora is a close second. Apple music tends to sound exactly like Tidal, and Spotify. Which makes me think they all use the same Gracenote-esque backend. When it comes to pure music discovery capabilities, you’re missing out if you haven’t tried GPM for a free month.

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I liked GPM when I used it for on the move listening for this reason and that you could intergrate your own music for free. Shame it was a pain to listen to it any other way than on my phone.

Spotify has major investment from major labels, they will ensure it wont fail, it’s practically saved the industry . Probably wait for it to loose enough so they can buy it cheap and take it a!l over so they can control it all again.

It seems there’s a bit of desperation to lure people to join in even without using credit card!

Would Roon be able to enter talks with YouTube? They are plenty of rumours of them planning a subscription service for music in 2018. If roon could provide a way for them to stream to HiFi equipment this might be a win-win for both companies?

Receive this in my inbox today. :slight_smile:

Must have been before the full desktop client was released.
It’s perfectly integrated as standalone software now.

Nope none of my audio kit supports it, I don’t have windows or Mac machines for music. I used the squeezebox plugin when I used Lms but it was too buggy so gave up with it. And my pi’s are using Ropiee so won’t be any use to me now and had picoreplayer before that. Not sure it would work for either of those

Well. If shit hits the fan, all Roon users can open a unlimited yearly $100 Jottacloud account and we all share our ripped music with each other. I claim it’s leagal according to Norwegian law.
And servers located in Norway, so uncle Sam can’t screw it up.

Also if we do that would lay some pressure on the music industry to keep Tidal one way or another. And hopefully Roon will add Jottacloud support.

We Roon users don’t necessarily need Tidal app, we need access to Tidal red book and hi res music.

And remember soon, well sometime in the future you can throw your RoonServer away, as that one will be cloud based as well. Official on Roon roadmap.

Another technical feasibility is to use what whatever streaming service supported one way or another. It can even be mp3. It can be Radio, and Roon just use Zhasam technology ( Which is license from an other company, so Apple no problem), and then “convert” the stream to hi-res.
That is if Roon can get access to a similar library as Tidal.

They may not need to spend money on maintenance the Tidal app as an example.
Cause the users use Spotify or radio, or his mp3 file.

This is possible, and may very vel happen.

When I tried out Roon about a year ago, what caught my attention was the ability to connect different hardware devices together in the same “audio network”. I had already tried Tidal out, and since I subscribe to both Sporify and Deezer, I do not feel that Tidal adds anything, although the integration into Roon was nice. Since then I have closely followed the development since I feel that although Roon brings many features, there is still some bits missing before I sign up for a lifetime subscription.

One thing that I actually was looking for was the ability to play whatever I want. This function is the missing link in most of the streaming systems I have looked at. What would be nice is if you could install a bridge on you computer that would act as a audio device that enables you to stream what is playing on your computer through Roon. Even though I perfectly well know that this is much easier said than done, it is not impossible. I do not see why Roon, Bluesound or Sonos couldn’t implement this.

The answer is properly the same as other in this thread have pointed out that everyone wants you to use there application to play music, to be able to collect usage data. Both hardware and software/cloud manufacturers/service providers. However, an alternative “input” method into Roon could solve this problem.

One thing I sometimes wonder about is if there is some kind of restraints from Tidal here. Most likely, Tidal has not agreed to the Roon integration because they are “kind at heart”, this is another way for them to expand their base for data collection. So maybe they have implemented some kind of restraints in the agreement with Roon of implementing other services of ways to play music through Roon?

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Do you mean like if you play YouTube or Spotify on your PC, that stream should go to RoonServer ?
If so what is then Roon’s part ?

I guess you understand how to use Roon Brigde, and know what it’s doing ?

Sonos and Bluesound can do this: line-in on the Sonos Connect and on Bluesound Node, Powernode, Vault and other BluOS enabled devices.