Bookmarks on Roon arc

I am missing the ability to go to my bookmarks on arc.
I don’t think there is a huge need to be able to create bookmarks in arc but I certainly would like to use my saved bookmarks that where created in Roon remote/desktop.

Yes my whole use of Roon is built around bookmarks (certainly not playlists). Definitely needed in Arc. Would have been the first thing i’d put in. Not sure the use of any other filter as search trumps them all.


My usage too. Removed my vote from something else and added it here.


Same. Would love to see bookmarks introduced at some point. Hopefully sooner rather than later.


Bookmarks are a must to make ARC successful. My Roon experience is organized around bookmarks so for me to use it, I need bookmarks. Don’t need to create them in ARC, just need to access the ones I’ve created and saved.


+1 please and thank you


+1 Same here - I use bookmarks a lot (in addition to playlists and tags) - would love to have them in ARC, too (to fully experience the Roon experience on the go).


HONESTLY, BOOKMARKS ARE A MUST AND IT WOULD BE NICE TO KNOW WHY THEY WERE LEFT OUT. This pretty much makes Roon ARC useless for me and apparently many others. We’ve waited so long for this only to be disappointed. Could we please get a time frame on making Bookmarks available? PLEASE! Thanks

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Defo gets my vote

+1 Roon bookmars are powerful and useful for my listening experience with Roon, if ARC could support this feature then it’ll be easy for my mobile phone to access the song.

+1 here as well.

+1 essential update

Folks, +1 posts don’t count in the Feature Suggestions category - use the Vote button at the top of the thread…

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I am another one who organises their roon libary around Bookmarks. I came to roon from Media Monkey where I used their automatic playlists as the main organiser. These are dynamic just like bookmarks. I’ll use Arc because it is better than nothing but it’s not as useful without them.

Voted. Focus still needs a ton of work, but bookmarked focus searches are still the closest thing we have to the dynamic/automatic playlists of iTunes, Jriver, MediaMonkey, etc.

Agreed with all of the comments here . . . With dynamic playlists, I will be able to dump Without them, ARC is still pretty cool, but severely limited.

Vote added

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It seems there is a suggestion in Feature Suggestions for this:

Add me to the list! +1
Please add bookmark access to ARC.


Disaapointed that the last update (at least the one I was able to get) did not add the ability to use bookmarks in Arc

I need this feature too. With so many sub genre and different type of genre, bookmark is a way for me to filter many of my albums. It would be nice to utilize this feature on roon arc.

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