Boolean Logic in Focus

I think we should have this discussion in another thread, maybe one focused on the search function, which is still terrible in Roon 1.8. This feature request here is about Boolean Logic in Focus, has nothing to do with search.

I am so very happy with this AND / OR solution too, although it could be implemented better imho.
Now I am waiting, that it will be implemented for own tags too. I do not use tags a lot, as there is such a limited function when it presents only OR results.

I want to state: AND / OR are essential when combining something. As soon as a combining is available, to be able to choose AND / OR must be available too.

Mother told her children:
Ann AND Patrick wash your hands!
Ann OR Patrick wash your hands!

As well I hate inconsistencies, when AND / OR is available in focus it should be available anywhere.

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Roons Tags are one of its strengths.

but we dont use the full potential of it.

Would be nice to Combine some Tags with “AND” to a Group and Use that Groups with an OR/XOR to refine everything.

in the end it comes down to iTunes SmartPlaylist Functionality.