Bose closes all locations in North America - Japan - Europe and Australia

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Thanks for posting this @wizardofoz. I have a Bose outlet about 40 miles away from home In Cabazon. It’s a pretty busy store. I’ve bought some product there in the past. Most recently, I bought one of those Bluetooth neck speakers a few months ago at half price.

I’m actually surprised they have lasted this long with B&M stores.

The store gets a lot of tourist traffic from people visiting Palm Springs, CA. Many people are visiting from outside of the United States. The outlet mall in Cabazon is fairly large with many nice stores. Some of the Bose Store refurbished products are nicely priced. I use their Bluetooth Soundlink headphones and the Bluetooth neck speaker for TV watching. I have better options for music.

I was there late July last year, but I dont recall the Bose shop as a stop…did go to many other shops there tho :slight_smile: did a big loop from LA out to Hoover Dam then Las Vegas for about 5 days then Grand Canyon and back to LA via Palm Springs. I use the Bose QC20 wired ANC IEM’s but now I have custom IEM’s I prefer them to the Bose unless I’m in a hurry…usually have both when I travel.

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