Bose SoundTouch / LifeStyle

When do you expect Roon to integrate with Bose SoundTouch / LifeStyle products so that it is possible to play Roon libraries through Bose end points?

What holds up the integration? Bose is neither marginal, nor low-end. It is worthy of being part of the Roon “family”.

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I would ask Bose. Roon won’t comment going by previous experience.

I have asked Bose and am waiting for a reply from them too.

I am hoping that because we are all paying clients of Roon, they will take a paying client’s request seriously and answer honestly.

As a paying client of Bose, I expect the same from them.

I hope that neither company will engage in mutual finger-pointing, that they will “rise above it” and try to find a way forward for the integration that would improve their product’s usability and the user experience of their paying clients.

Here is to hoping :slight_smile:

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Hello Roon Vice President of Client Relations,
Hello Vice President of Product Development and Engineering,

This is a gentle reminder that you might have missed my question regarding Roon’s plans for Bose integration.

I am kindly asking you not to ignore me and reply in th ecoming days .

Thanks you.

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My main listening situation with Roon is a Bose Soundtouch 300 with Bose Acoustimass 300 subwoofer and rear surrounds. It actually sounds pretty good. I hope to get a stereo amp and audiophile quality speakers some time in the future. Bose is good, but not great. For best results with Roon, I have three headphone solutions.

Hello @Gyuri_Karady, speaking as another user, just as you are, I am kindly commenting that Roon doesn’t announce any future plans or enhancements.

They’re not ignoring you any more than they ignore anyone else who asks similar questions.

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That’s right, nor does Bose.

Thank you Slim,
Thank you Jim,

I hear what you are saying. But companies, especially tech-companies all have a road-map for future developments. And it is in their own interest to share some of it with customers so that these customers can make informed decision. For example, in my case, I am interested in Roon / Bose compatibility plans because my pending purchase decision for my surround sound setup depends on it. The top of the line Bose system has a number of features that I’d like to have. But I’d also like to be able to play music from my NAS on this system. Hence my reason for insisting both with Bose and with Roon to share with us if compatibility is in the cards within say the next 12 months.

Personally I find it odd that Roon has integration with numerous marginal, esoteric HiFi firms, but is not compatible with Bose, one of the industry’s well recognized upmarket brands.

Over to you Roon Management. Please share with us what is relevant to this discussion.




Again, Bose nor Roon share this type information. Yes, they have a road-map. No, they do not share it with the public. IMHO, it’s best to keep your surround sound system for TV and Netflix separate from your Hi-Fi music system. Bose is not and will never be a high quality sound system for using with Roon. I use mine because that’s what I have.

I have a Roon ready Oppo 203 that acts as my Roon end-point and is connected to a Roon Nucleus with both ethernet and HDMI. It is connected by my Bose, by way of LG TV using HDMI. As such, I am bypassing the Oppo 203 DAC. If I want to listen to 24/192 using the Oppo DAC, I use Sennheiser headphones connected to the Oppo RCA outs.

Can’t you do that with the bose app?

Bose now has AirPlay for most systems that don’t use their Soundtouch app or their Bose Music app. I think most Bose systems have optical in (or RCA), so a Raspberry Pi 4 with HAT could be used as a Roon bridge.


Thank you. I appreciate you responding. But you are not Roon management. Are you?

Shall we let Roon answer?

And I am not, as I believe you yourselves are not, "general public. We are all Paying Customers!

So as I said before:
Over to you Roon Management. Please respond.

(And “sigh” indeed Slim! But if you do not ask and insist, you rarely get what you want!)


I think it would be good if the management did reply, but in over 55years in business my experience is that management generally do not get down to ‘our’ level especially if it is technology or competitive. However, what might be useful is an 'interface forum that communicated customer requirements and lists with voting for each item. If Roon Labs were serious on real customer satisfaction it would be here somewhere on this website. Havng only joined today to look a Kef support and Bose support I have not found a slot yet.

Oh To add to the discussion. I would get Roon to ‘talk’ with most outputs if they have an Toslink or 3.5mm by using Chrome Audio cast devices. Works well and with Toslink output very reasonable quality. (added this for the readers…)

This is a Roon customer forum. Roon will always respond to issues that are posted in the “Support” forum. Otherwise, you will get more response from Roon customers. Roon is probaby not going to answer your question because they, as most compaines, don’t announce publicly what their future plans may or may not be, nor does Bose. I seriously doubt Roon and Bose will integrate. Bose is not really into high resolution music. Bose won’t even tell you the capability of their sound systems regarding music playback fidelity.

That said, it is quite easy to use a Bose sound system with Roon. I do it every day.

Hello Jim,

Can you kindly explain to me how you use Bose sound system with Roon? Are you using your phone and bluetooth? That’s what I am doing at the moment.

Roon Nucleus connected by ethernet > Oppo 203 connected by ethernet > HDMI > LG OLED TV > HDMI > Bose Soundtouch 300 with Acoustimass 300 and wireless rear surround speakers. I also have HDMI from the Nucleus to Oppo 203 for multichannel that I rarely use.

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