Bottle neck? not sure, need some help / advices

Roon Core Machine

i3 2,6 Ghz 8 Gb RAM
running Roon under W10 64 bits

Networking Gear & Setup Details

i3 to network by cable Gigabit
Library to Roon Core by cable 10/100

Connected Audio Devices

Sq Touch - Wi Fi
Sq Duet - Wi Fi

Number of Tracks in Library

6815 tracks

Description of Issue

under Tidal no issues on any player

my LIbrary does stop while playing

I have understood a network connection by cable supporting 10/100 speed would be enought to play my FLAC files (almost 95% of my library is this format) but I have no luck, or I am missing something?

the i3 was a purchase for making more powerful the PC supporting Roon sofware but I feel sad with the non fluid experience I have nowadays

Any suggestion? I can explain with more detail my setup if needed

many thanks for your support

Look at the power management in the Windows operating system. Does anything go into sleep mode there in the meantime, which does not happen when Tidal data is running over the line?

Hi Jose,

Fellow user here. Two things to consider, 1. try the Touch and Duet on ethernet. I have my SB3 on ethernet and it has no speed issues. 2. Under the devices settings for SQBox hardware there is an option to turn on “Use Flac Compression?”. By default, I think, it is off. FYI, the RoonCore processes everything to PCM and then sends it, it does not send the actual FLAC file. Since the PCM stream is much larger than a FLAC stream this can saturate WiFi. See Below:.

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What is running your ROON LIBRAY, assuming it’s a NAS, but lesser options might cause issues like if you run it as a usb plugged into a router for example.

Thank you!

I will check about FLAC compression. I can easily plug-in a RJ45 to the Sq Touch (less than 50 cm away from the router) but Sq Duet wouldn’t be that easy. But, there is always a solution if you really think hard. If Touch is solving this way the problems, DUET will be the next one to be under RJ5 connectivity

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mmmhhh I think I understand your question

My library is into a NAS but ROON is on a different Pc

Maybe the connection between Nas and core may be an issue if it’s only on local files.

Yes, Indeed!

I guess the problem is the connection between NAS and Roon Core.

Working on it.

FYI, my friends, I have discovered something this evening

My NAS is also the unit I am using for backups of my staff. The backup program, instead of updating the existing information was reloading into new folders the weekly backup.

My NAS was at 100% usage. Now I have released space by deleting duplicated folders. As any hard drive sure will work better if not fully used.

So, may this be the reason for the random / unknown stops I was suffering

Keep you updated about

I have found today time to check the reproduction

The biggest file I have on NAS (192 kHz 24 bits) has worked flawless, no gaps, no stops :slight_smile:

Other files tested all Ok with faster response time. During the weekend I will try the Duet (the farest placed reproductor I have on my setup, connected to WiFi by a WiFi repeater, the weakest connection on my setup) and if it works, I would be able to sing “all working, now”


That’s good news.


after some tests, the remote player is working also without any gaps during the playback

minor issues with TIDAL and not with my own files, something to check from now on but not that big matter

thank you for your kind support and ideas to solve my issue

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