Bought new Nucleus but received an older version

Just purchased Nucleus & seller sent a pre 2019 version. Were there issues with these? Should I return unit for newer version?

There should be no difference to worry about. Also, you don’t buy a nucleus based on specs.

There was nothing wrong with the original versions; time moved on and we just updated them.

If you bought this new and it was not advertised as new old stock, I would return it and demand a Rev B. version.

Cc: @danny

Edit: as per Danny’s comments here, there’s very little that changed.

Thanks to all…I actually prefer the smaller footprint &…for now…see no reason for additional HDMI port BUT wondering if newer model is larger due to heat dissipation issues, also the fact that I received an older version just doesn’t feel quite right.

It wouldn’t feel right to me either, but if you’ve happy with the smaller version maybe ask the dealer for a partial refund.

Why, because he’s happy? Anyway, this isn’t a Roon issue, its a dealer one.

No, because the dealer sold him an older version without telling him. Not exactly ethical behaviour on their part.

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Well, thats between the customer and his dealer :slight_smile:

You’ve said that twice now, and I don’t disagree :slight_smile:

Main concern was possible issues with previous model… usually manufacturing doesn’t redesign just because. It doesn’t seem…at least to this point, there were any issues with prior version. Would have preferred SOME info. on different model type before purchase but guess I’ll accept responsibility for that in regard to my research…honestly didn’t see that one coming but going to live with it. Appreciate the input.

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Who sold you this rev A model? Did you pay full retail for a rev B?

If you did not get a good price on the old rev A; return it. Regardless if rev A will work fine, it has deceased in value since rev B got launched.

I did get a reduced price…$60. less than current Roon pricing but had I realized it was older version I probably would have spent the extra $ for newer version. My biggest concern was WHY was Nucleus reconfigured & based on info I’ve seen so far…no apparent reason…though I did see Nucleus is manufactured in U.S. now instead of China?? which could be reason for a change. I’m just trying to avoid getting past warranty date & realizing old version had issues. The larger size of new unit makes me wonder if there were problems with heating up on old version. I’ve pretty much decided I’m just going to stick with this one based on info I’ve gotten here & google, I should be ok. Just wish I had realized there even was another version. My bad.

I did get reduced pricing…I’m good with situation now. I just wish I knew there even was a newer version. Thought I purchased the ONLY version other than the +. It seems that info would have been made available you know?? I didn’t realize there even was an updated version until I got in my possession & started installing.

No problem with heating on the older version. I don’t see any benefits of the new version, it is just a new revision - both will work just fine.

Dealers are not good when it comes to getting the specs right of the nucleus. The one in my area lists processor, ram and hard drive. All of which are unlikely to be relevant, not how Roonlabs markets them, and probably outdated specs by now. I feel that Roonlabs could be more on top of these things.

You might be good with it but it is still not right, the dealer SHOULD have made you aware he was shipping a rev A and not the latest rev B.
So you could have at least had an option to say yay or nay.

Even if the supplied unit was fine I would likely at least be communicating with said dealer for their view on the situation.
Glad it is working out ok for you though!

Yes I have let them know…I also haven’t received code for a year of Roon that come with Nucleus purchase. The Nucleus install was pretty trouble free though!! I’m glad at least that wasn’t a struggle.

Well that’s $120 right there too.
Good luck with the dealer and congrats on at least a painless installation experience.
Now… enjoy your music!

Nope. It’s bigger for two reasons: 15mm drive support and the industrial designer made the new design different so it could be extruded instead of cast. They only impacted our efficiency during manufacturing.

That comes in the box with the latest units (it’s recent, not even older rev B units had it). If they promised you that, they owe you.