Box Set Disc Titles

I know that better support for box sets has been mentioned repeatedly over the years. But I want to get this specific issue back to the forefront:

We need an ability to name the Discs in a multi-disc set. So in the case of a set like David Bowie Five Years (which is a collection of specific albums), instead of appearing as Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3, etc, it would display the name of the Disc, e.g. “Hunky Dory”, “Aladdin Sane”, etc.

This is a complicated issue from a meta-data perspective since tagging methods for this exist (e.g. DISCSUBTITLE or SETSUBTITLE) but are not recognized/supported by players nor are they defined by any of the streaming or content providers. See this article for further description:

What can we do to handle this in Roon? Ideally, Roon would be able to read a standard tag, (e.g. DISCSUBTITLE) or even more simply, just allow a feature to create a “Disc Name” directly in Roon such that it would show in the player but of course not write a tag to the file.

How about it?


Agree. I would like to see this feature as well, along with the ability to define the artwork separately for each disc, depending on user preference.

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Another request with more votes :slight_smile: