Box Set incorrectly imported into Roon

Core Machine

iMac 2019 Retina 5K 27 inch


Network Details

Netgear Orbi 50
This issue occurs with the iMac connected via USB to the DAC

Audio Devices

Hugo TT

Description of Issue

I have a box set of beethoven piano sonatas ripped from CD to iTunes and imported into Roon.
In Roon, the same tracks occur multiple times. So I am unable to play, say, a complete sonata without hearing each track several times and sometimes out of sequence. I cannot find a way of stopping this happening.

On rare occasion, I have similar repetition. I have been able, so far, to cut and paste the offending work to a folder not watched by Roon, then cut and paste it back to where it had been. It shouldn’t happen, but it’s worth trying.

Thanks. That did the trick. V strange, but all fixed now!

The other option is to do a Settings>Library maintenance > clean up library between the removal and reimporting

That removes all reference to the old , incorrect, import and forces a reimport | re ID

I’m glad it worked. To me, it should not work, but the entire Roon ecosystem is so mind-bogglingly complex, I try anything I can think of to try.

That may come into play at times, but as yet, I haven’t had to add that step.

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