Box set not grouping together

I have a Nat King Cole box set of 4 CD’s. Discs 2-4 are grouping as a set, but for some reason Disc 1 is being listed separately. I am relatively new to Roon, so was wondering if there was a “trick” to get them to group altogether.

Checked the forum. And followed the suggestions to change the folder structure and rename files. Nothing seems to work.

Here is the folder setup. Under folder Nat King Cole [Capital]\ is a separate folder for each disc. Like this:

\Music\Jazz\Nat King Cole\Nat King Cole [Capital]\Disc 1

“Merging albums” just made it worse. Now only one appears and you have to click to “other version” to get to the other discs.

Maybe need to use a tagging trick? Any thoughts?

Hi George,

After you Merged Albums, what did the result look like? Was it one long list of tracks from all 4 discs?

If so, try and Identify the Album.

Cheers, Greg

No. On Disc 1, it is a standalone album like any other. For Disc 2-4, there is a link at the top:

Disc 2 | Disc 3 | Disc 4

When Disc 2 is clicked, it only shows disc 2, and so on. I like this format.

My challenge: I would like it to look like this for all 4:
Disc 1 | Disc 2 | Disc 3 | Disc 4

Can’t seem to get Disc 1 to join the set.

Right click (or long press) both albums (disc1 and discs2,3,4), then click Edit at the top right of the screen. Select Merge Albums, then post a screenshot of the result.

It should show 4 discs on the left side of the window. If it looks ok, then Create Album (4 discs, ## Tracks).

Cheers, Greg

Well, that worked like a charm! First try! Thanks.

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