Brand Icons for Roon DAC's/Devices

Seems like this is of interest to others.

This started as some are asking for Brand Icons here: Zone Icons: What'd we miss?

As I posted there:

I rather have access to use brand like icons than using rooms, dont get me wrong, rooms are useful… BUT :slight_smile: I rather use the DAC icon than use rooms. I like the fact that my Mojo gets picked up as a Mojo. I would like to do the same for the rest of my DACs.

If you are interested, please post here,

I think a zone should be as it is now an option to chose a location based image like a room…this is often a better option for others that might not know what a mojo or a lumin is…like my wife couldn’t care less what the equipment is as long as she can see it’s a bedroom and not a jacuzzi

That said just because you have a mojo doesn’t mean you should have all brand images under the sun to pick from in a zone…it’s either what it is or a generic icon for the space/locale it’s playing in

Please keep your zone comments in the zone thread. I got heat for it and now you come here?

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You have a dac icon for the mojo do you not? Are you asking for a whole list of generic dac brand icons too? These only exist where the brand has done some effort to be roon ready

I am asking for a request, just like you are entitle to ask for your zones. Yes I want to have the ability to choose my icons base on my DAC’s brand that is my request.
Would they listen? Who knows?!? But at least I am putting it here.

That’s a lot of work for roon to create an icon for every brand of dac out there. Won’t hurt to ask but I would rather they fix bugs and add features on the roadmap. Maybe they can do a few propular brands that don’t have roon ready yet, but that lowers the bar for the brands to strive for contributions. Unless you are asking the brands to provide their artwork to roon…that might be possible or maybe an option to select your own artwork/image like you would with an album.

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You’re referring to device icons, but these will only be displayed if the DAC or streamer is a Roon certified device.

Because my Poly Mojo combination is used around the house I don’t use a Zone icon. Same for my Bluesound Pulse Flex. Every other zone is a fixed space so the zone icons work well.

Unless manufacturers fund the artwork through certification I can’t see how this request has legs. Indeed I wonder if Roon could do this without permission.

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Maybe I go about this the wrong way bit I’d like to choose the DAC icon as well. I.e. on my iPad I’ve got a DragonFly connected. Would be nice to be able to select the DragonFly icon. And so on…


Can you add a B&W Zeppelin Air and A7.

I know the A7 used to be there but it disappeared sometime ago.

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Taiko Audio Extreme – either a line drawing representation of the Extreme or the Taiko Audio logo:

Thank you,

Steve Z

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How about one for the Devialet Phantoms?

You have them on your website as “Roon Tested” devices, but we can’t display their icons for a device as they’re not Roon Ready. Would be nice to have the icons for the zone instead.

Also mentioned a while ago here - Phantom Line Art

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Could we have line art for the Phantoms too? Would be great. Thanks

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I have a Phantom Zone.

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Fully support this request.

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This is not a copyright problem, You are going about this the wrong way @Martin_Webster
What ever certification a USB program has to go to get an icon is understandable… But if you think about it… Is silly… If the USB device is supported on the OS, It works through Roon that’s the bottom line.

I am not going to argue here about what YOU and others think this should be or not… If it has legs or arms… This is a request and is up to roon to consider it.

Its obvious that others would like more device icons and or the ability to choose their own
If Roon is focusing on the future (Streaming Music) certification will fall between the cracks…

Is time to give the users a bit of freedom with device icons :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: A Network DAC is more understandable as a device that indeed will require “certification”

Since, this is a Feature Request, I am going to move it to the correct section.


I would love to see Schiit Audio icons.

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Hi there,

RME line and especially ADI-2 DAC would be great. :slight_smile:

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Maybe we can get some more generic type icon like an AVR, DAC, Airplay logo, and even a Roon logo would be nice.


Why not let us users be creative and create our own line art/piccie? I.e. Open up for editing the Zone/DAC picture…

I’m sure this fora would be bristling with icons and pictures to choose from within a couple of weeks.