Phantom Line Art

I see on the Roonlabs website under partners that there is Phantom line art available. How do I enable it as the art for a zone?

On the main screen, right click on your Phantom device (in the attached screenshot, it’s the Sonos One). That’ll bring up some options, including “Zone Settings.” In that option, you’ll see various artwork that you may select.

Yes. I’m aware of that option, but those are the more generic line art options that came with 1.7 (a toilet, a couch, etc).

In Settings, under Audio, you can attempt to identify your device and get a number of other brand-based options that would come up automatically if Roon recognizes the device, but here again, the Phantom isn’t an option:

As the Phantom isn’t Roon Ready, I can understand why it isn’t popping up automatically. It seems it’s on the website, but otherwise not available.

Maybe RAAT is coming? Would be the best Christmas gift ever!

Don’t hold your breath. Chatter from Devialet says AirPlay 2 will definitely be next to enable multi-room, with RAAT the feature after that. Not sure if the latter is planned or considered. DOS2 should make addition of new protocols easier being a more solid software foundation, though.

Check this link.

@flashman, I appreciate your attempts to assist here, but said line art isn’t available there.

I’m aware of both places within the Roon interface to change line art, as I’ve indicated above in screenshots and pithy references to the toilet line art available under the new 1.7 line art option.

It looks like Roon has commissioned line art for the Phantom, posted it on their public website, but neglected to make it available via the interface. I’m wondering if it can be made available, which is perhaps how my post should have initially read.

It seems that the web page is often ahead of time. There is no Phantom in the Partner Devices Matrix. This is usually an indication that testing is ongoing. So they will either get pass the tests in the future and the line-art will become available or not (and the web page might be corrected without further notice).

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