Brand new NUC with ROCK playback halting [Resolved]

I just built a NUC8i3BEH with 8gb ram and 256gb disk. I have ROCK Version 1.0 (build 227) installed, and no music library yet. I’m just using Tidal at this point. It worked okay for a few days, but now playback keeps pausing, so there’s 2 second dead air at least a couple times a minute. I can play Tidal fine on my PC, FireTV, PixelXL. It’s just Roon that has the problem.

It does not sound like it’s a Nuc problem.
This is indicative of a network problem more likely.

Can you provide network and connection details?
Roon does not do well generally on WiFi for sure.

Unfortunately Tidal working well on its own is not a good indicator that there is not a network issue.
Roon is much more demanding of it’s network resources that just Tidal or Qobuz on their own.


Hi Kevin, thanks so much for the really quick reply. I’m hardwired, no wifi… but I think I may have just had a loose hdmi cable. I adjusted them all, and now it’s working. Sorry about that. I’ll let you know if the problem resurfaces. Cheers, Al


Got to love the easy fixes!
Hope that’s all it was and you can continue to enjoy the Roon experience!

Btw… Welcome to Roonworld!

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Now there is a first…anyway ill move this to the support category and maybe you can close it with a solution of your own.

Lol. I mean I have Wifi in the house, but I also ran Cat 5 everywhere and plug in whenever possible…

Thanks for the great tech support, I’m impressed with your team’s responsiveness
Cheers, Al


Not the team, the community. Other Roon users.


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