Brand new rev B Nucleus worked for a fortnight

That doesn’t look so bad. The ROCK Core is ok, the music drive is ok, only the database is still busy. If 50000 to 100000 music titles are to be read in, this will not be finished in a few minutes. If it doesn’t finish for hours, maybe the reset will help.

How long did it take to read in the 22% of 2 TB the 1st time? Was it done with it before the update?

Hi Uwe.

Not sure how long it took previously, but when i went to Roon today, all apps were ‘Waiting for remote core’, so i loaded the web-config page, and thats what i saw, “Not Ready”, hence the reboot.

It’s been Not Ready for a few hours now, but i thought it odd not to see the Roon Software bit running…

Should that not be there even though the Database is “Not Ready”?

Thanks for responding by the way !

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After a couple of hours I would have pressed RESET on the database and re-read everything.

Thanks Uwe.

I will try that now !

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Resetting the Roon Database has done nothing. Same NOT READY notification, still no server running, still no Roon Core to connect to. All remotes find nothing. NO sign of the core on the web-config page…

All terribly confusing.

Was there an update earlier today? Has that knocked it over?

It’s ironic, i have been using my 2013 Mac Pro since the very beginning of Roon with no problems whatsoever. Flawlessly all the time. I only bought the Nucleus as i wanted an ALWAYS ON system…

To put it simply, where is my Roon Core??

So yeah… any help would be great. Thanks.

Sorry, @johngreen - but if you are seeing this:

Roon 2001

It’s a sign of a failing SSD.
If you see this error, here are the steps to take:
• Reinstall the Operating System from the Web UI
• Reboot the Nucleus from the Web UI

How to obtain warranty service is in the Warranty document:

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Hi Geoff.

You mean a problem with the smaller SSD that the operating comes pre installed on? Not the 2TB Samsung i added?

I tried the reinstall to the OS from the Web-config button as seen on the screengrab. It takes just a few seconds really, as does RESETTING the Roon Database… yet in doing both, the error persists…

So its back to square one and needs returning for a fix. Theres no another way to reinstall the Roon core?

What a pain.

Indeed - the SSD that the OS and Roon is installed on.

Those who have already been able to install a second SSD themselves will certainly come to the solution faster if the first one is also replaced and reinstalled with Rock themselves. You hardly need 50 € for the small ones today.

What do the health programs say about this SSD?

How would i check it’s health…

I can see the Nucleus on my network, see screengrab, but my disk utility does not see it.
is it just that the HD has a corrupt Roon core, and i can simply reinstall it somehow OTHER than the web-config?

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 17.58.01

Depending on the system e.g.

almost every manufacturer has a mini program and that can certainly be started from the USB stick.

Thanks again Uwe. That only seems to work (on my mac) to SSDs installed, or directly connected. NOT ones on a network.


10 € USB-Adapter?

you mean plug it directly to my mac using usb?

@Uwe_Albrecht, while we appreciate your assistance here, this isn’t an appropriate course of action for the internal storage on @johngreen’s or anyone else’s Nucleus.

@johngreen, Someone will be by shortly to assist you with this. Thank you for your patience.


Yes, but the official support is there good luck

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Thank you Andrew. I look forward to it.


Hi Andrew. Any idea when someone will be in touch? Wondering whether I try returning it to where I bought it in exchange for a new one ?

Look forward to hearing from someone soon.

Many thanks.


Hi @johngreen ,

This screen is indeed indicative of SSD failure, I suspect that the SSD on your Nucleus is faulty, unfortunately, it happens with hard drives from time to time. We will need to get your Nucleus sent in for repair.

I see that you signed up for Roon with a UK account, and assuming you bought your Nucleus from a UK dealer, you would need to return the unit to the dealer for repairs. Then they can work with our UK Roon distributor to facilitate the hard drive replacement.

Any questions, please do let us know, and feel free to point your Roon dealer to this thread to let them know of our assessment here, thank you.

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