Break up multi-disc sets?

roon has created several multi-disc sets that are wrong
How do I break them up into individual discs?
How do I create correct multi-disc sets??


Have a read of Roon Basics: Managing Your Collection and Metadata in the Frequently Ask Questions category.

In there you will find How can I ensure multi-disc sets and box sets are identified properly? section.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Carl but that didnt help at all even if I could find it

I just am looking for a simple answer . From what I can derive from the roon interface its not intuitive at all and it should be…

You can find it by clicking on the links in Carl’s post.

To be clear I read it before I made my post …no answer to my questions there…

This FAQ topic is referred to in the Roon Basics post referenced by Carl. It answers the part of your question about creating correct multi-disk sets. To break sets up, I would put the files in separate folders and give them separate album names.

As far as I can see, Roon got this right on my collection because of setting meta data correctly with ‘Disc X of X’ and not by having to use different folders?