Bricasti M1 - Strange Issue with 352khz and DSD 128

Hi -

I have a Bricasti M1 with the new network streamer built in.

When playing an album of 352khz (any albums) - I get multiple dropouts in the second song. Happens every time. This happens on all my DXD albums at 352khz. This doesn’t occur at 384khz.

I thought it may be network or bricasti, bandwidth or buffer - but after futher investigation, I think it may have something to do with how files interacts with the Bricasti.

For instance - If I upsample any track to 352khz. No problems. If I take the 352khz albums that are giving me problem, and just add -1 db or headroom atttenuation in DSP (previously I have it going bit perfect) - I have no problems.

DSD 128 issues are more intermittent. Occasionally I get white noise a couple seconds into the track. Doesn’t occur on DSD 64. Doesn’t occur if I downsample to via sigma delta modulator DSD64. I have a hunch that if I add DSP to the DSD128 files, without downsampling to DSD64 it would work - since ultimately something weird is going on with the 352.khz container.

When headroom is added, I know Roon increases bit depth to 64 bits for volume control. I am trying to figure out what’s going on because this seems to solve my problem. If I understand - maybe I can tweak my files so they won’t display any issues.

Tried volume leveling and still had dropouts return - so its not merely a question of Roon DSP.

Hello @Andrew_Hendler,

Thank you for the report. I’m going to forward this info the the tech team for investigation. In the interim, I have enabled diagnostics on your account so we can get some more insight into what’s going on here. The next time your Core is active a diagnostics report will automatically be generated and uploaded directly to our servers


Have you asked Bricasti? Sounds like a driver issue to me.

Yes - I actually sent it in to them. They couldn’t replicate the issue. Nonetheless, they basically gave me a new machine and replaced everything on the M1 except the power supplies.

Therefore, I’m thinking it’s something specific to my set up, network etc. There is no specific user install able driver as it’s just an ethernet connection. I do know that it relatively recently got roon ready certification.

Hello @Andrew_Hendler,

The next time you notice this behavior, take note of the time (local) that it occurred and report the timestamp in this thread. I will then be able to request a diagnostic package for this time frame and have the tech team zero in on what’s going on when this occurs.


Hi John -

Thanks for your help; I’ve resolved the problem through working with Bricasti. It was a firmware bug.


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