Bricasti M12 deafening

@support I have a different kind of Roon issue with a device in queue for certification. I have a Bricasti M12 which is is preamp DAC and streamer device. I had been using Roon without issue prior to last Roon update. Then a couple of weeks ago, if I was watching home theater through Bricasti XLR input and switched to listen to music controlled by Roon, rather than automatically switch to Ethernet LAN input as it previously done, it stayed on the HomeTheater bypass and volume was deafening. I had to switch to LAN input manually to get back to the normal volume. Bricasti tells me they are working with you to solve the compatibility issue but are just waiting in the queue. The expectation is you will do some kind of software fix that will allow the Bricasti to work normally as before. Is my summary of the issue correct? If so, can you give me an approximate timeframe? Much appreciated

Hello @larry_green,

Certification is a collaboration between two companies and requires testing + technical feedback from both our end and the other company. Ultimately we can’t provide specific feedback or timelines for these in-progress certifications, but once the certification is complete you should be hearing from the manufacturer.

Thanks for your reply, however I just learned that he M12 is already Roon certified and this is a software issue. Can you provide me any more guidance on this issue? I just want to make sure I am waiting on the correct solution to my issue

Is someone replying to my request from Roon support?

Hello @larry_green,

First, let me apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Your ticket was escalated to the partners team by @nuwriy over the weekend, but there was a small misunderstanding about the nature of the issue leading to the delay.

Now to the issue at hand…

Bricasti has not reached out to us in regards to any issues with the M12. The M12 was certified two years ago and we have not received any recent support requests about it from Bricasti or directly from M12 users.

Given that this issue was caused by an input switch on the M12, we are ultimately not in position to rectify it.

That said, we’re going to do the following to help expedite the process:

A) I will have the partners team out to Bricasti directly to ensure that we’re on the same page. As with all Roon Ready partners, we stand ready to provide technical assistance to get any issues resolved as soon as possible.

B) I will schedule testing with our lab to see if we can reproduce the issue with the Bricasti M12.


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Thank you so much much for your response. It’s very confusing since they told me they had contacted Roon.

@larry_green So I have the information, can you tell me what M12 firmware version you are using?


  • rob darling

MDX 1.04. It was loaded in by the bricasti sales director who lives near me. It is their latest version

I spoke with Bricasti today and they said they are working on this from their end so nothing else for Roon to do at this time

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