Bristol HiFi Show 2022 (UK)

Bad news for anyone hoping to visit the Bristol HiFi show in February 2022, it’s been cancelled due to the uncertainty over the omicron strain of Covid-19.
Those who purchased tickets in advance will receive a refund in due course details are limited but the Website confirms the position.

Sad News but to be expected I suppose.
Was hoping to go along and see some devices close up in person.

Yes I was planning on a visit, I guess it’s Epsom Hi-End or Munich now…:roll_eyes:

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Ha ha the 1 hour drive to Bristol was part of the appeal, but maybe Munich is sounding more interesting :thinking:

The Epsom Hi-End show is, apparently, a massive event with all of the esoteric hi-fi brands and good facilities on site. I’ve not been myself but a few friends have recommended it.


Sadly I think I am going to be in Spain then
Looks like it should be fun though

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