Brooklyn Bridge firmware update to 1.51

Failed network module. I presume it was a simple replacement, but I don’t actually know.

I’ve still got the green arrow, but, on 18th February, my system said 1.51 was available, but failed when I tried to download it. Today it says 1.44 is available. I haven’t tried to update to it. The current version is 1.10, probably old enough to have avoided the links to HEM which seem to have been buried in 1.44.

The network module firmware was showing “server error” on the 18th too, now it says “up to date”. The version of that is 3.7.52, which as far as I know, hasn’t changed since I bought it.

The software has always been written and provided by HEM. There are useful changes from 1.10 up to 1.44 that cured some problems for me.

I realise that, but I was suspicious after situation between Mytek and HEM that 1.44 might contain code that prevented Mytek of getting control of its own customers products. That is borne out by my BB first saying 1.51 was available, which is only on HEM’s servers then to 1.44 which is on Mytek’s. Something doesn’t feel right, so I’m staying on 1.10 for now.

I’m not sure about updates done via Mytek Control Panel, but I’m pretty sure that up to the creation of the new Mytek website, all auto-updates were from HEM. There were no other ‘Mytek’ servers, to speak of. HEM have pretty much been entirely responsible for ongoing development of the now-defunct product range. Hence the difficulty of Mytek separating themselves and that product range from HEM - they have basically had to develop entirely new products. A crazy situation.

What exactly happened with Mytek? I see a lot of references to an issue with their manufacturing vendor in Poland, but haven’t found any details. Does anyone have a link?


There are announcements on each of their respective websites. It’s not pretty reading.

Well, I finally got a response to my open ticket asking for the 1.51 release notes. It says:

Hi Miguel

I’m sorry to disappoint, but there will be no further firmware upgrades beyond version 1.44. What would be the reason to upgrade?

Regards, Michal at Mytek NY

It strikes me as quite unprofessional, I must say. Not sure why he would say something like “I’m sorry to disappoint”, and also state that there won’t be further updates given that 1.50 and 1.51 are already out.

Oh boy. I’m very happy with my BB (recent purchase) but I hope I don’t regret buying from these guys in the long term. Wish I had known of all this drama before clicking that “submit order” button!

I think basically the ‘new’ Mytek is cutting ties with the ‘old’ products. Firmware has always been developed by HEM I think and it’s them who have produced 1.50/1.51. I’m thinking any support might be with HEM if we want it, once warranty is ended? It might all depend on the ultimate resolution, or lack thereof, regarding the ongoing legal dispute and who has legitimate rights to the Product and Intellectual Properties…

What a damn mess and I agree, if I had known all this chaos would have never purchased, very concerning and disappointing to say the least.

Concerned no more development, support. Time to sell, cut my losses, and move on.

Of course, I keep reminding myself that this is a superb product. Easy to lose sight of that right now.

Agreed. I’m loving it so far, using it as a headphone amp and it really makes my Aryas sing…

I have some inside knowledge of this situation, and in fact HEM have been the designer and developer for many years. Everythig you all have is from HEM. The firmware update is a genuine update created by the people that created the product hardware, firmware and software. Its safe!

That was pretty much my assumption in the circumstances. My Bridge was obviously repaired by HEM when it was returned under warranty. Clearly a complex situation.

@Dave_Williams, while they have been the manufacturer, you are wrong about the “everything you have is from HEM”. We on the Roon team have no relationship with HEM, and all our work with Mytek has been with @Michal_Jurewicz1 and Mytek Digital USA. Mytek’s Roon Ready integration is one of our favorite implementations, and we’ve been involved with it for years now.

I’ve just posted this:

I suggest everyone contact Mytek at the email in that post and if you use Roon, avoid the firmware 1.51 until this gets sorted out.

Michal responded to me about firmware updates in a similar tone.

I found this on the mytek Europe page. Note the automatic downgrade disabled in revision 1.51. Hmmm

Also note the copyright at the bottom. HEM 2021

Firmware revision history:

v1.51 / 2021-02-15 needs firmware v.3.7.52 or above in network module
- automatic downgrade disabled

v1.50 / 2021-02-12 needs firmware v.3.7.52 or above in network module
- changed contact information
- added hem logo
- added support for buttons on Simple Screen with following functions (from left):
- 1st Change input (left)
- 2nd Change input (right)
- 3rd Mute on/off or Play/Pause (network only)
- 4th Change Output HP/Main. Hold to restore automatic selection.

v1.44 / 2020-07-22 needs firmware v.3.7.52 or above in network module
- fixed: no output signal after startup when Analog Volume Control is chosen
- fixed: sometimes there is wrong sample rate when playing tidal through roon

v1.43 / 2020-05-04 needs firmware v.3.7.52 or above in network module
- internal improvements and minor bugfixes

v1.42 / 2020-03-28 needs firmware v.3.7.52 or above in network module
- internal improvements and minor bugfixes

v1.41 / 2020-01-27 needs firmware v.3.7.52 or above in network module
- fixed: wrong recognitioning of SPDIF signal resolution for consumer format

v1.40 / 2019-12-12 needs firmware v.3.7.52 or above in network module
- improved cover art view logic
- fixed bug: update error after updating both device’s and network module’s firmwares - effective in future updates

v1.30 / 2019-12-05 needs firmware v.3.7.52 or above in network module
- added feature: album cover art and track title can be displayed on the Simple Screen instead of file format when using network input
- fixed bug: wrong synchronization when switching from USB to network input

v1.20 / 2019-11-18 needs firmware v.3.7.48 or above in network module
- fixed incidental misbehavior of the MQA indicator when MQA decoder is disabled
- improved gapless playback via network
- adjustment to Japan’s law requirements

v1.10 / 2019-07-16 needs firmware v.3.7.29 in network module
- added Access Point (AP) mode, which can be used to setup Wi-Fi network connection via mConnect control app.
It is automaticly enabled after power up when no connection is established.
BB creates new Wi-Fi network with SSID “Brooklyn Bridge xxxxxxxxx” and password “password”
- added possibility to disable network module (streamer power: off)
- changed play/pause remote button behavior to play/pause music from streamer or mute DAC for another inputs. Long press play/pause button for on/off the DAC.
- improved behavior of Wi-Fi networks list when there is more than can be displayed on the display
- fixed waking up the device from Roon (Roon is trademark of Roon Labs LLC)
- added possibility to update device firmware directly from the device (device OTA update). It is done from device info screen.
- added indicator of firmware update availability
- fixed update screen issues
- fixed displaying a mainboard firmware version at Device Info screen
- fixed hangup after starting update from network when USB is connected.
- fixed getting IP address
- a lot of GUI reworked, added some animations, better status indication etc.
- fixed a lot of internal and minor bugs

v1.01 / 2019-04-11

- fixed: disappearing list of Wi-Fi networks (in environments with many available networks)

v1.00 / 2019-03-07

- the first official release.

Copyright HEM Sp. z o.o. 02/2021 All rights reserved.
Windows 7/8/10 are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
OSX Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave are trademarks of Apple Inc

firmware 1.50 and 1.51 are no longer Roon Ready compliant, as they have been modified by Mytek’s ex-partner HEM (that’s who is “Mytek europe”) in a manner that makes them non-compliant.

Please see here for more info, and Roon’s official advice to not update to any firmware releases for Mytek products until this mess is sorted out. If you’ve already taken an update, please email them as well (email address is in the above mentioned post), as they can help get you sorted out.

Well, oooops. I’m already on 1.51. Where does that leave me? Honestly there’s one new feature which I love - the ability to switch sources from the front panel. Can I have hope that eventually you’ll support 1.51?

Is there anything fundamentally wrong with this version that should make me seriously consider reverting back (assuming this is even doable by contacting their US tech support)? FWIW I’ve been on 1.51 for several weeks now, and everything continues to work buttery smooth.

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I don’t know, as we don’t have 1.50 or 1.51 in-house, nor have we ever tried it out. HEM (mytek-europe) has never reached out to us nor did they inform us of any of these changes.

For example, it’s unclear to us if this new functionality you like (input switching from front panel) is working properly with Roon Ready in all or even any cases.

Proceed as you wish. My only role here is to keep you informed of questionable actions related to Roon Ready gear/firmware.

What a mess. So there are absolutely no guarantees with Roon Readyness? Roon can disable it without a firmware update, or the manufacturer can disable it with one. And if “downgrade disabled”, you’re stuck. Not good, “Roon Ready” needs to be more dependable than this. Does a Roon Ready sticker have to specify firmware version, with a warning never to upgrade?

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