Brooklyn DAC II with built in Roon Core

I just posted my Capital Audiofest 2022 video. I interviewed Mytek’s Michal Jurewicz about their new line of DACs and Amps.

Something I Iearned was that the new Brooklyn Bridge II now contains full Roon Core functionallity and Mytek will be offering a model with 2tb of storage. Combined with the excellent DAC and new touch screen, it represents a plug and play solution for Roon users. At $4k it is a very good value.

Here’s a link to my video at the timecode where this product is discussed.

Has anyone upgraded from a BB to the BB2 - how much better does it sound via USB, and is there an improvement using the new internal Roon Core?

It probably comes with a tape measure to the changes in SQ :smiling_imp:

I don’t think anyone got their BB2 yet.

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