Mytek sells and does not deliver

Agreed, I was an owner of a BB and was fortunate enough to sell it. I was looking forward to the BBII as I really enjoyed the BB, but after empty promises and lack of communication I can’t see myself taking another chance/risk w/ Mytek.

I wish them nothing but success moving forward, but the damage is done, my .02.

I wonder how is the FTC case against Mytek going. @Kevin_McEvoy wrote something about it couple of months ago.

Havent heard a word in months
Communication back & forth after complaint looked promising sadly another toothless government agency have little faith anything will come from it
Btw, as of Dec 2022 Mytek STILL has Not delivered BB2 they started accepting payments for Feb 2021

They are ‘bigging it up’ on YouTube. Even down to the new screen ‘that will not fail after three years like on the original’ :astonished:

So if they know that, they should be replacing any failed screens for free even outside warranty.

Well, maybe it is illegal. Not a lawyer, so can’t tell. ■■■■■■ behaviour - that’s for sure.

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I wonder how is it going.

Quote from their web-page: BB2 will be shipping to prebooked customers first. There is a backlog. As of now, BB2 ordered here today will be shipped in February of 2023 (updated Jan 6, 2023)

Now it says

BB2 will be shipping to prebooked customers first. There is a backlog. As of now, BB2 ordered here today will be shipped in March of 2023 (updated Jan 31, 2023)

Couldn’t find any info if people got their Brooklyn Bridge (or Empire) yet. I wonder why any “audiophile magazine” wouldn’t write about this. Seems like this whole hobby is plagued with scams, either audiofoolery or money grabs. Mytek was once a name in the industry, now this…

Because Mytek is an advertiser? Same thing goes for worthless reviews.


Well that’s true - don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I am just amazed that the whole industry looks like this.

Not to minimize what shafted customers are going through, but isn’t selling a “Brooklyn Bridge 2” and not delivering kind of ironic?


Kind of a tin ear for product names.

I knew there was a reason I was following this thread, and this comment is it. You win.

In case this bit of American history isn’t broadly known, here’s the reference. The association between Mytek and this story is now permanently established in my brain.


Thanks for sharing. When you are no English native (or extremely well educated of course :wink: you probably don’t get the relation. I didn’t. Interesting stuff, haha.


Mr Parker would have loved bitcoin I’m betting :wink:


In US English idiom, a common expression of incredulity about a claim is “if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you!” Easily applicable to buyers of $10k AC power cords that improve warmth and soundstage width and depth.

I was not specifically familiar with Parker, though.


KKKK… Jung´s Sincronicity,

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You mean this? :slight_smile: