Browse by folder structure - Why ever not? It can’t be that hard? [Not on the roadmap]

I am relatively new to Roon and signed up along with a few friends.
We all love it except for something that would transform it for all of us.
Some call it a deal breaker because in a large collection ,developed over years, it can sometimes be hard to find what we want.
I know there is search,and that’s fine provided you know what you are looking for,but if I had an option to look at the simple folder structure that I created it would make roon like iPeng on steroids!

I miss that directory option real bad,and so do my friends.

I can’t understand why there is not a simple option to view as files in a list without album covers,since both have their uses.

Give us a folder tree like explorer and you have several lifetime members waiting.


Roon have said a number of times this won’t happen, ever.
Search the forum for the threads.


Just to make things easier on you, from the horse’s mouth: “This is against the philosophical purpose of the product and the presence of this feature creates rigidity that will be harmful as we evolve the product”.

And here’s said philosophical purpose: “One of the core guiding principles of the Roon design philosophy is to stop thinking about files and directories.”.

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Oh well, thank god the search is so p effect lol

Roon Labs will never include something like browsing after a folder structure. That was the answer I got about a year ago. But that is not really bad. Because with time you get along well with the possibilities offered.

Nevertheless, I have developed a simple workaround for me that roughly matches my folder structure.

Here’s a screenshot how my folder structure look s like:

Basically, I’ve structured by genre, followed by artists and albums. My workaround is that I assign all albums of a genre to a TAG. Example: All albums within my folder structure “Folk-Rock” will be tagged with the “Folk-Rock” TAG. Granted, that was not a little work. But it makes things much easier (for me). Because all I have to do is click on “Folk-Rock” to have all folk-rock albums, as stored in my folder structure, in front of me to choose from.

As a result, I get all the folk-rock albums to choose from. Or Electronic, Classical, Pop …

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Not having folder navigation was one of the reasons I chose Roon it’s a refreshing change.

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I had considered your technique and after initial setup it will work I am sure.Thats what I will do, something similar to yours.
I understand that some may not care a jot for a file structure, but I they need not use the option if it was available, which is why I thought, why not?

But @StereJo and probably loads of others have a kind of “fix” so it’s not so bad.

I must say, I still love Roon :slight_smile: