Bryan Adams old albums filed under B. Adams?

What’s going on here? Even if I set Roon to prefer my file based metadata it doesn’t for all these albums. I know he had a hissy fit with because their reviews of his later material suggested he stop trying to cater to teens whilst in his 40’s, but there’s MusicBrainz… @joel?

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Blame his lawyers :slight_smile:

Yip, aware of that problem. Still shouldn’t mean I can’t tell Roon which metadata to prefer and have it respect that selection. Even if I tell it to prefer file based metadata Roon still retains B. Adams as the key artist.

I have typed his full name in the ‘edit’ box overriding both Roon’s and file metadata.

Roon’s being inconsistent here. The bug needs sorting, not manual edits and overrides. Some work was done by Roon to make the two albums appear under his name, I suspect something was overlooked:

I have just noticed this after adding a ‘Bryan Adams’ CD. I located the ‘B. Adams’ compilation CD rips that I already had and merged the two artists to ‘Bryan Adams’. Of course, that Bryan Adams doesn’t have a Bio or photo.

Additionally, I have no access to Tidal Bryan Adams CDs apart from Tidal Versions of the ones that are in my collection already, apart from a solitary one under ‘Singles & EPs’.

I searched the Tidal app on my phone and they are all there on Tidal under ‘Bryan Adams’ but absent from Roon. Has this renaming/merging issue caused this problem or is it a variant of the ‘not all artists albums in Tidal showing up in Roon’ problem?

EDIT: can find any Tidal Bryan Adams album if I search for it by name. That brings up a dual named Tidal version (as it isn’t in my collection):

Disclaimer: I don’t listen to Bryan Adams, the Wife does.

Just noticed this today myself in Roon. He may prefer it so as not to be confused with “Ryan Adams”, who recently has some sexual harassment claims against him.

Added clarification.


i have the same problem with this specific artist.

@support, can someone please look into this.

Hi @Percival,

Can you share some details of what you’re seeing here? There were some changes recently that, on our end, appears to have resolved the issues with this artist, so knowing exactly what you’re seeing now will help us better understand what you’re experiencing.


Seems this bug has been corrected - all appear under Bryan Adams now and B. Adams no longer features. Thanks @dylan & @joel.

I see Tidal must get its metadata from Tivo also seeing as they have no album credits in the Tidal store.

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