Roon starts messing up the library

Yes, hope they come back to this one…

And others say that the safety warnings are too intrusive. Roon can’t win here …

Ralf, I’ve moved this issue into the Metadata issues forum. I’ve noticed that my Roon has also mysteriously renamed the artist Bryan Adams to B. Adams. It looks like something has happened in the metadata in Roon’s online database. Flagging @joel to ask him to comment on this.

Thanks Geoff, yes, but why does this affect MY data? Is it magically changing such essential things without notification/ask?

Also, I am still looking why lots of my images have simply vanished from the database (hope it does not do that on albums, not possible to follow up on that amount). It took me some good amount of time to find images from some of the artists (especially the older not well known ones, like Madala Kuene).

Everytime I go into the artist list, something new ridiculous is popping up.

It’s not affecting your metadata, what you are seeing is Roon’s view of your collection expressed through its metadata model.

I think you are also saying that a lot of your artist images are not being shown, even though you have image files in your collection. That is quite likely. Roon does not currently scan local collections for artist images (mainly I think because, unlike for album images, there’s no de facto way of defining what is an artist image in files and folders). You can tell Roon to use your own artist image file for each artist where Roon does not have an image, but it is a manual process, I’m afraid.

This is exactly what I did. Missing image was applied either through file upload or using the “from URL”. In both cases everything was properly shown in the past. Now, since last week, several of the images are gone when looking at the artist browser. Opening such an artist also does not bring back that image. Only way to get this is by applying the image again.

Yep, just looked, I have lost artist images also

@Ralf_Karpa Roon provides metadata as a service and metadata changes all the time as a consequence of raw metadata provided to us and changes in our backend processing.

Sometimes genuine improvements to the overall metadata have undesired and unavoidable side effects — Bryan Adams being renamed is one of them (the root cause of which is Bryan Adams’ lawyers instructing removal of his metadata from AMG/Rovi/TiVo’s database) — but this is a rare high profile case, and we will fix it as soon as we can.

With regard to artist images disappearing, this is probably because we merged some artist ID duplicates (which is an improvement), but unfortunately, the ID against which you attached the image no longer exists in your library.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused, but we have to make changes for the long-term betterment of the product. We appreciate this kind of feedback and we will endeavour to resolve metadata issues as they arise.

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@joel, thanks for the explanation, appreciated

ok, understood, this should not happen often, however, it does make me nervous when I invest a lot of time to get my library in shape and always have to be unsure what happens next, especially with the second part of the reply

yes, there are lots of duplicates, in the database, all of which I am trying to get rid of by either merging or replacing in the editor. But this seems to be a waste of effort as it could be replaced by the backend overwriting whatever I did?

I would hold off for another week and have a look then.

ok, understood, looks like roon team is currently doing a bigger consolidation of the backend database.

Side-question… When I added an image to the database, will that space be freed as well when the artists are merged or is there a “dead” image somewhere in the database?

I don’t know the answer to that one; the Roon Core is quite complex. Will try and find out though.

please do so as soon as possible.

Bryan Adams is correctly identified in Roon, but you won’t have his bio or reviews from AllMusic since they aren’t permitted to display his information. He simply doesn’t exist on AllMusic anymore.

Hi @Percival,

Recently there were some changes made here that resolved issues with this artist. Can you share some additional details on what you’re seeing here using this post as a guide?


Hi @Martin_Webster. Roon changes it’s behaviour on this artist on a daily basis. It’ either B. Adams with a lot of albums gone, or Bryan Adams with some albums gone. When i restart Roon it could be different and setting things manually doesn’t solve this issue for me.

Hello @dylan,

Thanks for the question. I’ll try to be as complete as possible. I have over 30 albums/singles of this artist in my library. Today he showed up again as

All the albums i see at the moment are

When i click on the ‘with Bryan Adams’ part under top tracks, i get back to the artist page of B. Adams.

When i search for bryan adams, and click on view all albums, this appears:

I can click on those albums and play them. But clicking on the artist Bryan Adams on the specific album page gets me back (again) to B. Adams with only a few albums.

Most of the albums are identified, some singles aren’t. all are local, i don’t use Tidal or Qobuz (yet).

Lots of these albums contain edits.

  • Mostly covers.
  • Some title tracks (to include a specific version name)

Here some screenshots of albums as an example

If you need more information please say so.

I’m not seeing this issue and I think the issue is local to your library. If you look closely you’ll see that B. Adams isn’t preferred by Roon.

So, for those albums identified as B. Adams, Edit album and click on Primary Artist Links. Then click B. ADAMS (note there’s no Roon icon) so there’s no check mark (tick) and click Add Primary Artist, search for Bryan Adams and select. When you save your edit B. Adams will be removed.

Do this for all albums and the incorrect artist will disappear.

Hello Martin, thanks for the suggestion. It doens’t solve my problem. Every time I start Roon this artist is messed up, no matter how much edits I make.

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Have you tried restarting your Core after making the edits? Hopefully @dylan can offer some help.