Bryston BDA3 Native DSD generates static

@support: I’ve seen threads on this, but they end with “fixed now” but nothing I’ve seen seems to help. But I’m hopeful this is solvable!

When I try to play DSD files with the Bryston BDA3 set to “Native” mode, I get static. Other DSD Playback strategies have different results:

  • Convert to PCM: This works fine, the Bryston doesn’t show it as DSD though
  • Native: Static at all resolutions (x1, x2, and x3)
  • DSD over PCM: No sound at all


  • Roon Nucleus+ attached to new Bryston BDA3 Audio 2.0 via USB
  • Music files are on Synology NAS
  • Audio set to “Fixed” and volume leveling is off
  • Resync delay is 0ms (but I’ve put it as high as 500 seemingly without relief)


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Hi @Steve_Davies1,

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup as well as a screenshot of the Signal Path when playing Native DSD to this device?

Now I feel stupid – In going through it again, I saw that the “Force Max Volume at Playback Start” was not checked. I checked that, and now DSD64 - DSD256 all play fine. Thanks!

I’ll post a shot of my correct setup later, for the next person who has this problem.


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