Bryston BDP-2 cannot get Roon to work

I need a lot of help, I am completely lost…tried changing Bryston from MDP to Roon but I loose all my files, need to tak to someone

Well that’s not going to happen. Best you describe your problem, set up, network and any problem solving steps whilst tagging support.

I use my Bryston BDP-2 to manage my music…my CDs were all saved on a hard drive connected to the BDP-2. I also use Tidal which I can access through the BDP-2. I signed up for Roon and if I am understanding correctly, I should use the BDP-2 as the core. I have a MacOS Mojave version 10.14.1, I also have a PC laptop with Windows 10 that can access the Manic Moose app that is used for the BDP-2 playback.
I downloaded Roon on my Mac but do not see the application anywhere. The links on the Roon website for the BDP-2 takes me to an error page on the Bryston website. When I change the Manic Moose (BDP-2 app) from MDP to Roon Ready, I don’t have access to my music. I hope this helps, like I said, I am very lost on next steps to take.

You need to tag @support which I have just done for you :grinning:

Yep, you made the mistake that I expected. The Bryston BDP-2 cannot run your Roon core – it can function only as a Roon endpoint. You need a computer to be the Roon core.


Thanks to both, sorry I didn’t tag support, thanks Tony. So I prefer to use my PC laptop, I just downloaded Roon on it. What do I do now?

Install Roon on your Windows 10 laptop. Move your (USB?) HDD from the Bryston to the laptop. Configure Roon to watch your music storage and to connect via network to the Bryston as an endpoint.


Okay, I am using an HDD connected to the Bryston, so I need to get a longer USB cable to connect the HDD to the Windows 10 laptop. Once I do this I will try to see if I can connect to the Bryston. I guess I would connect through the app I currently use, but change the setting in the Bryston from MDP to Roon Ready?

I was able to connect the HDD to the Window laptop, Roon seems to be scanning all of the music files right now. Once completed I just need to determine how to use the Bryston as an endpoint.

I followed the instructions and all is working now. Do I lose the Playlist I created in the Bryston, I only see the Playlist I created in Tidal.

@Douglas_L_Smith - Glad to hear you’re up and running. Roon is able to import playlists from iTunes, TIDAL, or m3u files – if Bryston playlists are saved as m3u they should import fine. You can read more about importing playlists in our Knowledge Base Article here.