Budget White Passive Bookshelf Under $500 - Any Thoughts

Looking for some decent sounding budget passives in white. Came across these Jamo Concert 9 Series C 93 II which go for $470.

The Jamo line is distributed by Klipsch which lends credibility. They also have some lower priced models that have been well received

KEF LS50’s are great, but way over budget.

Any first hand experience with model no’s woudl be great. Needs to be white and passive.

Thanks in advance

You cant go wrong with Audiogene and or Kanto Speakers.

Cant forget the Edifire speakers.

Couple of options. First is the MartinLogan Motion15i, Crutchfield has these. Second option stretches things a little, but the KEF Q150 is also available in white. Pushed you up towards $600 unless you can find a deal. The other thing that came to mind is the ELAC Unifi B5. They are more expensive, but if you can stretch or find a deal, they might be an option. The new Jamo’s are meant to be pretty good.

Give Fyne F500 a chance

Q acoustics have white models but the grille is normally black

By far the best really small speaker I’ve heard (OK, there aren’t that many!) is the Neat Iota. I’m not sure how easy it is to find them outside the UK, and at full price they are over your budget, but there are quite a few used ones around, and they are available in white.

Jerry, find and list speakers that meet your cosmetic and price requirements. We may then be able to help reduce the list based on individual experience. However, speakers are overwhelmingly room dependent so there is still that chance that what is suggested simply don’t work in your space.

White speakers do tend to yellow with age, depending on the surface materials used.

I just noticed that KEF has the Q150 50% off! If you haven’t pulled the trigger on something else, I’d jump on that.

Great tip. Thank you.