BUG 1.8: Newly added Albums no longer have a „NEW“ indicator

If I add an Album to my library, it no longer has any indication mark that its newly added. Is this missing by design?


Yes, I think so since it is redundant. You now have the ADDED section in Recent Activity which is more useful. The old label disappeared after a few days.

That depends. I hardly ever visit „recent activity“. My core view is „Albums“ and was good to have that indicator on that page, which I still think where it belongs.

„Recent activity“ is more about past albums listened and some statistics that I dont really care about.

Got to setting> Library> import setting > track import date> and select: ‘file creation time’.

Then in album view select date added (in top right pull down). You’ll see everything you add in date order.
I also use this view and also use ‘most played’ too

Does the ‘real-time scanning’ still work for you?

That’s the old paradigm. The new approach is recently added and there is a view (more) that shows items added beyond the few days the old banner was displayed.

ok, I‘ll see how I get on. Out of the many issues to be fixed this certainly not topping the list

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Yes that reworked Recent page makes sense now. But - surprise - there is a bug that needs fixing: If I select an album lets say 5 ot 6 pages down and go back to look at the next, Roon always jumps back to the first page, so I need to scroll back down to where I left it.

Thats a little annoying.

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Yes, I think I noticed that too … or on another screen.

The same problem exists in Album view when you‘re on a focus filter.

Annoying. Anyone - even developers - should notice this before release.

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