[BUG] ARC- Cover art doesn't update with new song [Investigating]

Roon ARC works beautifully, finally I can access my library in my car without jumping through multiple flaming hoops.

However, when playing back music, the cover art doesn’t update. It only displays the cover art of the first song played, as you can see in the image below.

I was pleasantly surprised it showed the cover art at all (!), but now that it does I want it to show the correct one haha.

Roon 2.0 (1128)
Tesla 2022.28.1
iOS 16.0

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Hey @Willem_Verkerk,

Ben here with the support team, thanks for reaching out! It’s great to see you on community again.

A few follow-up questions for you:

  1. Does this lag only happen when using Roon in your car? Or, can you reproduce this in other areas?
  2. Does this happen over wifi, or mobile data?

If you haven’t yet, I would suggest giving your router/network and core a hard reboot respectively.

I only use Roon ARC in my car, so that’s the only place where I’ve encountered it. As it’s in the car, it’s using mobile data.

The behaviour is quite erratic. Songs that don’t display the correct art on trip A, do display the correct art on the return of that trip A. The music plays back flawlessly in both occasions.

I seem to have narrowed this behaviour down to when I use Roon Radio, ie, no defined playback queue.

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Hey @Willem_Verkerk,

Thanks for the info. It looks like this is a bug we’re actively tracking and working on a fix for. A follow-up question for you : does this lag in cover art only happen on the nav screen in your car? Or, does it also display this issue on your mobile device directly?

Thanks for your patience!

I need to get back to you in that one, as I usually have a different app active while driving.

I believe that my phone is displaying the correct art, but as I mentioned, I’m not sure.

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