BUG (?): Artist sort by "Most Played" returns odd / meaningless results

I have noticed some very weird showings in my Artist listing sorted by “Most Played”.

After investigating this further, what I find is the following: Artists dont get counted by Album (or composition) but by tracknumber.

So, if you have an artist participate in an opera with 82 tracks, this shows up the same way in the “Most played” statistics as an artist in an Album / work with just 3 tracks that you have played 27 times.

Now, the million-dollar-question is: Which artist have you played more? the singer in that opera that you only listened to once or that artist in a concerto/s that you listened to 27 times? The answer should be trivial, but isn’t in Roon’s logic.

I would appreciate if you could address / fix this to a more meaningful reflection of reality.

Hi @bbrip,

“Most Played” is not counted by the number of times you’ve played a particular album or track by an artist, but by the amount of time that you’ve spend listening to music by a particular artist. If an artist has particularly long albums, playing that album once can result in a high amount of time played compared to multiple plays of an artist with shorter albums.

I hope this helps to clarify things!


I think that makes sense. Thanks.

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