BUG: bogus album entries created with fake filesystem paths

Using latest Roon 1.6 on macOS.

See screenshot.
The first two versions of the album are OK/legit.

The third one is not - it does not exist on the filesystem.
Furthermore, there is no such directory.
/Users/dmp/Music/Azmodan/Jazz <- legit
/Users/dmp/Music/Azmodan/c/Azmodan/Jazz <- does not exist - has never existed

This ^ is weird - if I were to guess, I would say it looks like a path resolution failure with windows (“c:”) assumptions hardcoded?

Not 100% sure how to reproduce, but it seems like this:

  • change something on the filesystem outside of Roon
  • force Roon to rescan the folder

Also worth mentioning is that “/Users/dmp/Music/Azmodan/” is a symlink, and is the folder root I pointed Roon to.

Let me know if you need more info about this.

Just to confirm that manually changing something on the filesystem outside of Roon (like: renaming a jpg file), will trigger the problem.

Hi @Dubo_Dubon_Duponey,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings | Storage in Roon?

I was also hoping you could reproduce this behavior with an album and provide the following details:

  • The time that you modify the album
  • The time that you see the extra album appear in Roon
  • Your timezone
  • The name of the album

After that I will enable diagnostics so the team can take a look.


Hey, just reproduced with a single album.

Exact, reproducible process:

  • add a storage Folder that is actually a symlink to an external hard drive
  • add an album to the storage, with at least two versions
  • manually rename a jpg file inside the album to “cover.jpg”
  • immediately after, a “ghost/bogus” version of the album is created, with the funky path

If you try to play the fake album, it will fail of course, and eventually (after some time), the fake album will disappear.

I also tried the exact same steps against a storage folder that is NOT a symlink and wasn’t able to reproduce, so… seems to me like the fact the folder is a symlink is the culprit.

My timezone: PST

Name of the test album where the behavior is visible right now: Body of the Life Force, Afu-ra.

Attaching screenshots, with storage details and the bogus version underlined.

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