[BUG] Character escaping in reviews shows in the UI

Description of Problem
Sometimes, reviews have escaped sequences showing in the UI.

Expected Result
We shouldn’t ever see escape sequences in the UI.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Own Peter Gabriel’s “Melt” album, have it in your Roon database, and make sure the Roon metadata engine picks up the review (I’ve uploaded a pic)
  2. Navigate to the album, and observe the review
  3. click the ‘more’ chevron to display the full review
  4. Observe the escaped characters around the square-brackets

I can confirm this … Leaving a flag for @mike.

Thanks @CM_Harrington – I’ve logged this in our bug tracker, with a link back to this thread. We’ll take a look at what’s going on here.

Cheers! I’m wondering if it’s showing up in this review because there is an unmatched square bracket (at the end of the review), and that’s throwing off your text renderer.