Bug in Radio Playback (?)

My radio universe will inevitably involve tracks with differing sample rates and bit depths. When tracks play through to the end, the transition to the next track is seamless: a slight click, and off we go.

Not so if I should fast forward to the next track, though. If the new track is not the same specs (e.g. 192/24) the DAC won’t shift gears, and the track will “play” silently.

IMO, these two events – go to next track, and fast forward to next track – should behave similarly.

Tagging @support for you on this…sounds like something should be easy to reproduce. Assume your core and remotes are all updated to the latest build.

Yes, latest builds, WOO/ MFI. And, let it be known that the latest build virtually eliminated all such behavior. So this feels like an oversight to me. Or user error. :slight_smile:

Hi, @John_V, with which DAC do you experience this behavior? Could you also post DSP Settings for this zone?



Yggy. See profile for setup.

DSP Headroom Mgmt enabled only.